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  1. Rushya for everrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. E X D E
  3. Keep the good work up Question : how the cart will be moved? by a single player (serf) or by a player on a horse (cart horse?)
  4. By the holy talent of @Dekkers here is our Rushya Banner now ( you can edit the previous one dekdek :) )
  5. Oh the dutch and french have the same flag exdee
  6. This man got a talent
  7. @Dekkers Clan Name: Rushya Banner Description&Details: A bear riding a horse with a lance in his hand / Or a man riding a bear Banner Image (Optional): Ex Fucking De
  8. Persistent Clan
  9. Maybe... but the banner you want ingame have too much details for the game , it will look like shit
  10. It's not a insult.... Just a reality ;D
  11. It's not like we miss your clan...
  12. stop bitching around about some pixel omg you fucking J E W
  13. How about no?
  14. I will take a shoot to but the pw mecanic are a bit meehh
  15. Not sure i think @Dekkers can confirm but you need to edit the line "outer_terrain_plain"