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  1. If you want RP go to CRP. Locked.
  2. Hello! Can I ask who was the lord of the faction at the time? Garry has 24 hours to explain himself. Here are the logs:
  3. Hello! Turns out he did drop the amount asked for, making the kill invalid. @Cobby What gear did you have? Here are the logs:
  4. There's clearly still hostilities going on in the area (archers shooting, Lorraine cavalry(?) can be seen at the end of the bridge aiming with a lance); hence a skirmish zone. Although being in a skirmish zone does not grant you KoS on players who are evidently not apart of the fighting, I would argue that running across a bridge which is under fire, and towards a mob of players your faction is fighting, is asking to be killed. As the rules state: I'm going to mark this as invalid but I'll leave it open for a short period in case anyone has anything constructive to add.
  5. @Spudgun would you mind uploading the video?
  6. Banned for 3 days for combat logging.
  7. Hello! I'm going to assume he went into 'sperg mode' for a second and forgot he wasn't in the Swadia faction. Anyhow, he has 24 hours to explain himself. Here are the logs:
  8. Would you mind uploading the video? Or even just a couple screenshots showing him attacking you through the gate would be enough.
  9. Hello! Just to clarify, what reason did you have KoS on him for?
  10. Unbanned. I've added 10k to your bank since it was wiped. This goes without saying, but, if you do anything like this again you won't be coming back to the server.
  11. Banned for 3 days for combat logging.