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  1. he just said the D word????? WHERE WAS THE TRIGGER WARNING???
  2. probably, but I bet he's a higher level than you welk level ben je?
  3. only friend*
  4. If you want RP go to CRP. Locked.
  5. Hello! Can I ask who was the lord of the faction at the time? Garry has 24 hours to explain himself. Here are the logs:
  6. Hello! Turns out he did drop the amount asked for, making the kill invalid. @Cobby What gear did you have? Here are the logs:
  7. There's clearly still hostilities going on in the area (archers shooting, Lorraine cavalry(?) can be seen at the end of the bridge aiming with a lance); hence a skirmish zone. Although being in a skirmish zone does not grant you KoS on players who are evidently not apart of the fighting, I would argue that running across a bridge which is under fire, and towards a mob of players your faction is fighting, is asking to be killed. As the rules state: I'm going to mark this as invalid but I'll leave it open for a short period in case anyone has anything constructive to add.
  8. @Spudgun would you mind uploading the video?
  9. Banned for 3 days for combat logging.
  10. Hello! I'm going to assume he went into 'sperg mode' for a second and forgot he wasn't in the Swadia faction. Anyhow, he has 24 hours to explain himself. Here are the logs:
  11. Would you mind uploading the video? Or even just a couple screenshots showing him attacking you through the gate would be enough.