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  1. Wow Ted, i will remember that
  2. Nah thats not the Problem, the People only dont like Archers and Crossbows thats why everyone wants that you must Pay
  3. Or ýou dont Train a Ranged Class
  4. Dekkers could i asked you something?
  5. We had some Problems but he is a nice guy
  6. I want this map, so start working NOW
  7. Tommy on NA???? Traitor xD
  8. But you say that you destroy them only bcs you dosent want that other Player can use them
  9. Ye this would be ok but you speak about more than one
  10. Same What Rowan says. VOUCH
  11. Vouch but only bcs when i devouch He will couch my horse again infront of an enemy Castle
  12. Vouch but make sure to give him a Map of all Pw Maps
  13. Wow
  14. Clear Vouch
  15. Bawo your only reason why we should peace the war was that your Members want log off. Why are you now crying over a temp-Ban when He would log off so or so?? And to Burgundy Fraud have know that the peace was forced by a Admin so no Victory for the Lorraine He only want provoke the Plebs