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  1. I said "leave beauforts" since I didn't realised you redeclared on the baratheons because it was a huge mess, as you can see on your screenshot. Also, the siege just finished and we were still all over the place looting up, getting heals etc., the typical "after-war" shit and you decide to just redeclare on one part of the attackers and report the other part for being in there. Kinda cocky.
  2. He had network issues:
  3. There were other HRE ahead of him, if you would look closley and won't focus on calling us "butthurt". lmao
  4. I'll drop this complain. @Olaff
  5. Just assuming? Well the logs and my SS prove my point and you are just saying "oh there was a war? never heard of that." And when I look at other complaints against you, this wouldn't be the first complaint where you try to be the harmless new player.
  6. Jesus Christ dude. It's been a while since a saw such a trashtalker like you. It's was the only thing that was going on on the server and you used the war the whole time to gain loot and shit. You are constanly lying in complaints that are made against you, so pathetic. Looks like you play with closed eyes, cuz ur unaware of everything.
  7. The war was going on over an hour at this point, you can't tell me you had no clue that there was a war. You are also not new to the mod, so you know what interfering means.
  8. Helping yourself out the castle? Then you halt me and take the way to the money chest instead of leaving? I also told you that you were interfering, but you didn't cared at all.
  9. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Klaas The person(s) you are reporting: Mace_Czello The time and date of the incident: 18:31 - 19/09/2018 What you are reporting them for: Illegal Help The full story: We were at war with templars, which were infront of praven gates with a banner and he rised the gates as outlaw. After that he halted and killed me with enemys inside the castle. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs and Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  10. They can respawn and close it? You put way too much effort and time in trying to get one of us banned. It's ridiculous.
  11. Refunds should replace the value that you've lost. And even if your gear is worth around 30k, 50k is more than acceptable for a medium gear. But i think the final decision will be made by an admin, so let's see.
  12. We told Lice and Hulk to leave and they returned.
  13. I think you were there the whole time, but if you can't remember anything maybe this can support you in your life:
  14. Idk exactly what happened there, because I was just passing by, but if it was illegaI I would offer you a 50k refund. 75k is a bit high cuz your gear was worth ~20k.