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  1. Your in-game name when you were banned: [KH]Panda- Banned 19 hours ago Your GUID (not required): cant get because i am banned Why you think you were banned: i was banned for rdm Why you should be unbanned: i think i should be unbanned because as it was stated my halt on the stormcrow was false as i didn't state his name (which i did not know at the time seeing it was my first day back on PW/PK in a few years) therefore the stormcrow manfred does not have to halt and is free to do as they please but as said in the statement as well my fellow faction member Xnacvia halted him correctly and seeing as Manfred refused the halt and was ready to fight us i had the right to fight with my fellow faction member against the enemy therefore it not being rdm even if i did kill him which i'm not sure if i did or it was my fellow faction member. Any other information that might be useful: also i must add and i hope you can agree with some degree that this was one of my or my first day back on PW/PK in a while so i was not familiar with the rules or the way halting and others commands worked and also it was my first offence and you can see why a 2 day ban seems a bit unfair to me. i hope you can see my side and act accordingly. best regards [KH]Panda. @Himura