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  1. The only way this would work is if you only had access to your own personal logs, but even then it really wouldn't be hard to manipulate them, logs should be the sole responsibility of the admin team, the admins should in theory be more than capable enough to work with them anyway and you'd just be posting something an admin would find himself anyway. It's bad enough when friends of admins get access to the logs
  2. You were telling an admin he was wrong about a rule, which he wasn't wrong about, in global, if gustaf had reported you then you would've been banned for RDM, so really doge did you a favour
  3. Tav has hit it on the head, the issue isn't with the map it's with the players and their inability to grasp the idea of playing differently to succeed, they want everything handed to them and for it to be easy all the time.
  4. as benji knows he annoys me intensely, but the guy is a fucking good admin and he knows what he's doing, i can only name maybe 2 admins i actually trust on this server rn and we need more that actually have some old-school common sense /Vouch
  5. You're going to get grilled in an admin app, thats how it goes. The PW community has always been very clear on opinions about admins and we don't like unknown players coming in and telling us what to do. Also impersonating is rather serious and can cause serious issues on the server to do with diplomacy and such. Considering your clearly lacking temperament and rapid move to becoming a smartass its a /DEVOUCH