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  1. As a ghetto lancer bitch this seems a like a terrible idea m8's
  2. Nice try in being a weeb I'll stomp on your throat
  3. Can we add in game strokes so I can rp Margerat Thatchers last shitty breathes
  4. Kneecapping is a defo need in pw
  5. There could even be a separate class for the torture, where a faction member could be broken and sellout his allies.
  6. I believe this post proves Rag is a fucking psychopath and needs to be monitered 24/7.
  7. What are you on about , I'm from Meath Ye bollox
  8. "Sand Nigger" Throw him out he's so eddddddggggyyyyy
  9. Is this a fucking Stark levy, Jesus Christ lad