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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Crystaline The person(s) you are reporting: SirFincherLannister The time and date of the incident: 01:00 - 07/01/2019 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: RDM, NRR, Teaming with Rice fac, Lying in reports No other faction may help Outlaws be it directly or indirectly nor can Outlaws help others. <<<< this is one of your rules i see... He was helping rice fac for 3 hours which i pointed to a admin at the time and the admin replied we cannot be on 24/7 to deal with situations and then proceeded to do some stupid fucking quiz in chat. which was obviously more important. Random deathmatched me plenty of times i've grabbed a few clips in the last half an hour if you need more i can provide just reply asking for more rather save time in life than upload and cut shit. NRR he came back to richfield every time he died. Check the logs will show clearly. Time and date of this post is 1 day after it actually happened it happened sunday but the forum won't let me select this date because 2 day report rule but i have a life and job so i havn't actually tried connecting until 1 hour ago you can check logs for this too. Lying in report, As i said he came back every time he died cause he was salty as fuck this like 3 hour torture of some ****** with nothing better to do (cant offend so ill just * count the letters work it out.) all happened because i told people in our fac not to vote him lord because the night before he kicked us all and robbed our cash when we tried retrain he would halt kill bank cash.. not against rules but why would i not warn people about his behaviour to avoid it happening again. so if you check the logs this was when he first connected sunday so cant be hard to find he literally put 5 arrows in my back when i was trying to leave richfield to join another fac because our lord wouldn't kick him... i even say in chat multiple times stop shooting me please im tryna leave etc. i had to hide inside richfield cause i would die leaving then he got told to stop by Raider because he was rdming me so he came straight back and rdm'd me and other fac members is this against rule? Revenge from fac kick idk.... so the fac members seen he was cancer and trusted me enough to vote me lord so i could kick him i did and he just joined Rice the faction in kncoking down our door, killing and looting with no halts. So hard to keep this short it was going on so long and im strugglign to remember all the shit he actually done i work 10 hours a day m&b is my relax time not memory stuff an yeno idk but anyway.... I'm only reporting this late because he has successfully got me banned to which i obviously never noticed since i havn't tried to play until today since Sunday. sidenote im actually disappointed in the ease of getting people banned with NO EVIDENCE but a fucking log in text which shows nothing does this record failed arrow shots? no... you clearly got fooled by this fool and he reports 3+ times a fucking day hes a serial sad act. anyway video below if you need more vids or a extended version of the video to prove i've not cut it conveniently to hide shit i can also. the video where im in the shop is the instant i came back from being afk for 20 minutes (got recording of the full time i was afk can put on youtube if needed). the other with arrow is after a raid from Rice which SirFincher assisted in, the other outlaw Mad_ somethin was actually cool he didn't rdm he used halts accordingly conversated with us after conflict there was no salt on either side since rules was followed. Fincher on the other hand was causing chaos. Also no unban is necessary i don't wish to play a server where i would get banned with no evidence and then being innocent have to use valuable time of my life to provide evidence for why i was wrongly banned. nor can i check the forum each 2 days to make sure im not being falsely accused. I do this report for the mass of people who don't record which this pillock reports falsely because hes salty no one want him in a faction. He quite literally started rdming me while i was trying to leave the fac to let him be in peace and continued for 3 hours cause the other members of my fac realised he was a cunt too. I'll stick around for half an hour to provide clarity as looking back this report is all over the place but still full of truth. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No