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  1. Dont forget who healed ur ass before most of the times when u cried for a quick heal. Someone Lock this shit before more people try to beat the crap out of me
  2. Ok I get it. Guess I have to continue using this alone.
  3. @NurthisIf u got a better suggestion, I am open to discussion.
  4. Cant uread what I said?this is clearly meant for several players asking for a third party heal(in case of war or other factors).As for the line"ambulance dispatched": It was meant to be a joke.Not to be taken seriously(Jst a cheesy line). Another eg:at the same instance:- Player 1: doc pls come at____ Player 2:doc come here_____ Player 3:pls i need heal at____ What will u do if ure a doc from neither of these players' fac?? Moreover,the 911(or any other combination of numbers) method is also the shortest way to call for a doc to a player/s' location in terms of time taken and amount of characters that needs to be typed.
  5. No, im not telling that this be used at all times.But can be accepted as a valid way to ask for a doctor
  6. What if there are 20 ppl spread out across the map asking for heal at the same time ? I see different ppl spamming "DOC!" At the same time ,Should the doc respond to each one of them individually?? And What kind of Doc asks for money?most of the docs heal for free ie they dont charge fees . The general form of chat takes place the following way: Player:"Need doc"/"any doc online" *2 more lines of general talk an then :- Doc:"whr re u "" Player:"im at______" Doc:"on my way" If player types 911: Player:911 Doc:Loc? Player: loc is______ Doc:"Ambulance dispatched ""
  7. This literally says-"U RP AT UR OWN RISK"(XD)
  8. I have implemented this in game and assure you that it works well. I was able to single handedly heal most of the people in the server in a short span of time.All I am saying is that this is effective when the server population is high especially during large scale wars.People who falsely state that they need a heal will get blacklisted.Also it is useful within the faction.MAINLY IT HELPS IN KEEPING THE CONVERSATION SHORT
  9. I started to use this(playing the role of Dr_StephnMaturin)when there were many people scattered throughout the map and needed heals asap because of lack of healer/doctors. The concept is simple:- You type 911 in global and the doctor will ask for your location .The doctor will try to arrive as early as possible at the site and heal u. This is intended to be a medieval ambulance simulator.Works best when the doctor is mounted PS: This is a personal suggestion and pls dont downvote as it is a matter of life and death.Feel free to ignore but pls no downvotes. I will be glad if this gets adopted by other docs
  10. Another word of advice is-Always ask ppl ingame of their suggestions before posting any complaint as it wiill give u a deeper insight and create a proper complaint.Hell ,even your killers can tell u about their kill reasons.
  11. You must change your mindset because the server ppl wont. The major downside to your problem is that the trolls know the rules and you dont. U should get accustomed to rules of the server as they can be twisted for your benefit and sometimes even against you.These rules are the only code of conduct that has made it possible for the server to run this much long.Specifically the demand rules and KOS system is what u must know the best. Iwould not advice you that this is the best option but your safest bet is to join a clan that understands and takes new players.Also look upto ideal roleplayers on this server and learn from them.Such people do exist .Yes, I am one of them.
  12. If at all u feel like continuing RP on the server I will suggest u dis- 1)Do not carry much money with u most of the times.This will prevent u from losing much and u can keep ur gear(except when u encounter bandits- they can demand ur gear) 2)RP actively not like those passive RP player on Pax server(U can help your fac member directly by collecting resources and providing other services like smithing and healing ) 3)Dont enforce your RP sentiments on other players.(Some will even RP with you if they are sensible enough/peaceful) 4)Get used to the fact ucan get halted anytime anywhere.(If you got no wep comply wid their demands and moveon.) 5)Play as much as ucan as u become aware of server rules with time and 6)Dont lose heart-“Nonviolence is the weapon of the strong.”
  13. I sympathise with you but that is how things work on this server.RP is not promoted at all and its only about the clans nowadays
  14. @Evilmay I drop the complaint as Matoflen has apologised for his mistake as well as refunded me in-game