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  1. What? Those are the two castles with the smallest overall footprint. I understand that clans are going to end up falling back to the inner walls on the larger castles, but are the bottlenecks and limited points of entry not sufficient to make up for that? Castle 3 is on a mountain and really only vulnerable at the front, and castle 5 is set up on an island with a murder bridge and is only really vulnerable by sea. If anything, I would have thought both were OP.
  2. Main post updated with an early overview.
  3. Don't worry about the terrain. I am focusing on getting balanced castles down before I fill in the environment. I should have kept some of the old screenshots up from my earlier work so folks would know what to expect on that front. It doesn't look like I can set a health value for those gates so they may be unbreakable. I'll double check that and add another ladder point or something to compensate if need be.
  4. Main post updated with relevant screenshots from these castles and two new ones. Ladder points on castle 1 fixed (hopefully). Initial ladder placements on castle 2 finished.
  5. Don't worry, niether castle pictured is using any TP doors. I'll move that pair of problem ladders tonight but I'll probably need to lower that whole inner wall a bit to make it easier to place more somewhere else on that wall. Otherwise I made the wall to high to place any useable ladders on.
  6. I'm not other people. Let me handle the aesthetics, just tell me if something won't work in a siege. I'll look into doing that. I might end up needing to use a few too many props to surround that whole space with smaller walls though, so I'm not sure if it will be better or worse for fps. Thats a good idea. as it stands you need to use the gatehouse stairs to get to it from the ground.
  7. That first picture features 2 ladders one atop the other. If I remove the outer one, the inner ladder would be innacessible. I can remove both though if you like. Fair enough. I am trying to make these castles reasonably true to life, rather than make a bunch of rectangles. Usually, castles were built to conform to the terrain, so they ended up with peculiar shapes when placed on hills and such. I intended to add a town and a smaller outer wall around the castle like this. My plan was to add a small wall around the castle with a village outside the main structure. The Red indicates wall, the Blue indicates some possible ladder points, and the green dot represents my first guess at where I'd like the banner. If I place it there, I will put it atop the wall next to the tower. The Keep itself will be accessible, but the roof will not. Thanks for the feedback btw. EDIT: Here are a few shots of the changes. I'm not sure I wanted to use full sized walls for this outer layer, but it looks alright for the moment. and the capture point.
  8. That is the only way I can find to create a second ladder point for the inner courtyard. Can you be more specific than this? Your phrasing isn't clear so I don't even know if you are talking about the second ladder point, or the second castle.
  9. I'll put the stuff I have completed on the backburner for now. Lets try and get some castle designs that will actually work for you folks, and once the layouts work, I can populate a map with them. Here are two castles I have thrown together on a map with a similar layout to the first.
  10. Ahh. Good point. It sounds like my castles are not built well for balanced siegeplay. How does this castle layout look? This design doesn't need any TP doors, and hopefully it allows archers to take better defensive positions. I expect the castle would have multiple ladder points that lead into the outer bailey, and a sneaky back ladder to skip it entirely.
  11. Can you possibly rephrase this?
  12. The green looks a lot better with enb enabled. I probably shouldn't have been using it while editing.
  13. Main post has been updated with new screenshots. Are TP doors going to be an issue if they are not gating access to any banners/winches/armories?
  14. Thanks for the input. I will update the screenshots shortly with enb disabled. A few of these issues are already fixed, but I will need to make some major revisions to remove dependency on the handful of TP doors. The mines on the map are huge and they use a few TP doors. Both entrances are set up so that miners can see out through the TP door clearly to avoid getting surprise stomped. Should those be removed as well?
  15. It would really help me out if anyone could tell me what the main issues are likely to be with balancing these castles for sieges. As of yet, I have not placed any ladders, nor have I determined permanent spawn locations or where armories may be located within each of these castles. I had intended to use several TP doors (primarily to get into each castle's great hall), but it looks like those are frowned upon?