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  1. It is not possible to create a 1 prop outpost? Many ways to abuse of the ladders but its a great idea. To counter any abuse : Limit their use to a special class that by example only 2 ppl by faction could train as; Restrict their use for factions at war only; Restrict their use near Walls only; Put some rules : Dont use any ladder during a war on factions non concerned by that war. Put a limit on existing ladders on the map? Like the cows by example, i know that you cant spam them cause there is a limit, maybe its possible to do the same here. PS: People complaining about FPS, one day Bannerlord will come out and Minecraft will end so you better upgrade your shitty PCs.
  2. how bout banning krunch????????
  3. Well, when you can call people gaggle of glue sniffers but not marginally overweight, ofc there is a problem somewhere ;))))) Whatever, we're talking about newcomers and people that return, could be nice for them to get a tutorial or smth like that in games.
  4. Well, medieval times are like that, law of the stronger guy around. In my opinion, the ones that can get trough the frustration of losing stuff n shit are not gonna stay long. You cant be strong alone, finding clans should be the number one priority for newcomers that wanna really get into the game. If they wanna stay alone, its their responsability aaaand maybe a tutorial or Something like that should be done? Cause its true that you spawn in and you dont really know what to do as a newcomer so you discover, get killed, get killed again, you dont understand and then you leave because its shitty but in reality its not.
  5. Cant you make an automated system around the arena, Something like on the ludus. By example on saturday or Sunday evening, a big message like what a tournament will begin in 5 minutes, you hit with a weapon on Something and it makes you participant, yo have to stay around tho
  6. u have a problem you rice sniffer?
  7. Add some restrictions maybe like you can take out one armor by day or smth like that so it cannot be abused.
  8. Music name: Medieval Music - 'Hardcore' Party Mix Link: Some catchy medieval songs!!!!!11!1§&!1!1!
  9. If the HP of light horses is increased, heavy ones should be increased too then And the price should also increase.