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  1. I were on today but noone else, I spent 150k to kill all Lorraines sumpters in stock but not much more than that.
  2. So when I joined a war with Starks against Lorraines, and Bawo starts spamming me on steam " you are fucking dead" "rip your faction" "bye your clan" and then removes me as friend, and you say that you don't care about gear?
  3. This is probaly one of the reason PW dies ^
  4. @Bridge Troll
  5. Your GUID or your name:King_Weezy_York Reason for refund:We had gold mined and some people declare on us just to steal the gold & silver. Time of Server Crash (if applicable):- Did you take a Server Crash Refund (if applicable):- Link to complaint (if applicable): Screenshot:- Estimated amount:1 Silver cart and 1 gold cart is around 1.1m I would say maybe 500k.
  6. Transfered 15k to you.
  7. Gave the plate back ingame as a agreement.
  8. Hes offline atm. But from my point of view hes worth one more chance as he's coming back under sponsorship of my clan and tbh I don't see many York's getting banned / having complaint on them. So people who have got unbanned from York have behave and haven't got banned again. -Weezy
  9. Your in-game name when you were banned:Jaroc Your GUID (not required):- Why you think you were banned:RDM Why you should be unbanned:Because I'm coming back under sponsorship of a clan, and I promised Weezy to behave. Any other information that might be useful:-
  10. Refund it from my bank.
  11. Holy fuck. Lucky there Slayer. Would you accept a 40k refund for what you lost?
  12. Well tbh ur ss's don't show anything since I halted u inside the castle and we started to attack you outside.