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  1. And who the fuck are you? fucking worst doctor
  2. Who are you again?
  3. I remember you breaking the rules against me for like a month ago. Overall a nice guy. -Neutral.
  4. yesyes my friend
  5. I'll totally Vouch for Maxxxio, Overall friendly and a nice guy. Pretty sure he won't do it again tbh.
  6. If Machao don't have any evidence, take the 15k from me. Regards.
  7. They joining House York as a deal to bring us members.Since Stark's have been harasshing us constantly we have obvisoly lost numbers. And when Branok demand us to stop reporting Starks otherwise he keep harrasing the shit out of us. I have a recording of our small talk I'm pretty sure @Bridge Troll have heard it. Regards.
  8. I'll refund him if it turns out to be illegal. Regards.
  9. @Scorpia I known Lorki from back in Lorraines around 2013. He's an old friend of mine who wish to come back to PW after a long perm ban. He's coming back under sponsorship of House York so I can guarentee you it won't happend again.
  10. As I have heard he only said #mum in global. If that's true and hes banned permently from Pheonix it's quite pathetic. If you share you're private information to someone and don't think it will get out to someone in the end you are just retarded. So please just get off your PC if you can't handle it lmao.
  11. Hes coming back under sponsorship of House York. I can ensure you it won't happend again. @Cappy
  12. @Scorpia @Michael @Bridge Troll @Avenger
  13. Your in-game name when you were banned: King_Andrew_Wessex & Earl_Egbert_Wessex Your GUID (not required): - Why you think you were banned:Personal harrasing. Why you should be unbanned: After knowing Kreativity for 3-4 years and knowing Yelm/FrostyBanter for quite a long time now, they have both served under my command and I would like them to do so again. After knowing them for such a long time I know how to control them, I know that they broke the rules, they have also been banned for about 3 months now. I think both of them had their punishment and I would like to help to support their chance to get unbanned. They will be coming back to the server under the sponsorship of House York and we will fully except all punishments that they may deserve in the future. However knowing them as I do I know they won't break the rules again. Any other information that might be useful: I'm posting this on behalf of Kreativity and Frostybanter/Yelm.