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  1. Can't see any SS fighting here and only 2 plebs in the acutally fighting????
  2. OK EXTA OK, Shit cav tho, VG was better.
  3. It doesent really help since most clans have some people sitting in every steam group and constantly refresh it to see if they call banners.
  4. I would say to bring back that you can spectate, Mainly for complaints and also for people recording, Since if you die and ur recording the whole fight won't be in the video.
  5. I remember you breaking the rules against me for like a month ago. Overall a nice guy. -Neutral.
  6. Looking good, Is it done soon ?
  7. nvm

    cant be arsed, cya
  8. Looking good mate !
  9. Here is a video from today ;3
  10. You even uploaded a video on youtube when you beat lannisters when they sieged you in Helheim? Why do you complain?
  11. Looking very good.