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  1. Exta can smash anyone here tbh
  2. Name: Weezy GUID: 1652726 Dustin vs. Antonio Betting on: Antonio Amount: 1mil
  3. Thank you so much Ember
  4. xdddddd very funny my friend, Like ur picture. Pepe pictues died in 2012. Ur after mate, slow brain cunt
  5. dw they will come to Finland soon when I scared them away, much love
  6. Shut up fake Swede, Continue being a Swedish slave instead.
  7. Hello no namer
  8. Ferelden name is next
  9. Pls stop loosing against my members in the tourney u make us look good
  10. In-game name: RamsayClan: BoltonSteam acc (link): http://steamcommunity.com/id/lolweezylol/
  11. ez man
  12. Anti Slavic sentiment and White Pride added to friendlies