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  1. Your in-game name when you were banned: Business_Lady Why you think you were banned: because during the game process, I was hitched with a horse by 3 people. I had a feeling of aggression and I then their RDM. He made revenge on the RDM, literally 3 times, and then they realized that the jokes with me are bad and complained to the administrator (whose name I forgot, because it was three months ago, sorry = (). In the end, it all came to the fact that the logs were on the side companies, well, I got a ban. Why you should be unbanned:I realized my mistake ... RDM revenge is bad, and in general, RDM interferes with the gameplay, and you want to play normally, but there are always some scum that will ruin your game. And I myself became such a scum, once I went down to the level of RDM, not allowing other players to play normally. I apologize for the deed and more such, I assure you, will not be! Any other information that might be useful: We are a big group going to visit your server. And believe me, we will EXACTLY abide by the rules of the server and role-playing game.