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  1. So I hopped on both a PW and a PF server and I have no clue where to find my GUID I checked in the chat like Sak said and I found nothing.
  2. I was able to join a PF server so lemme try that
  3. I can't do that cause the problem in the first place was that it tells me I am banned from every pk server I tried to join so I can't even get my GUID
  4. I bought it straight off of gog.com because my debit card wasn't working on steam for some reason so I decided to try gog and it accepted my card. I did give Persistent Frontier a try to see if it was just my copy of the game not letting me join ANY game but no it is just Persistent Kingdoms. Thank you for the response by the way
  5. I have absolutely no idea why I am banned, so I have M&B warband on xbox and I wanted to get it on pc to play PK/PW and I literally just bought M&B too. Anyway, I downloaded the mod, went into the server browser, entered my serial key, and once I tried to connect I was informed that I am banned from the game. PLEASE HELP -Love, Dragon