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  1. Why not get another lorraine admin, nothing wrong with that. Toxicity aside, the few times I've had the opportunity to talk to this guy, he's seem respectful and reasonable. /Vouch
  2. God Emperor Alaric - Vouch
  3. I agree complete. I clearly remember how lighthearted he acted during that complaint.
  4. We already have that, it's called clan tags
  5. Thank you Florance, it means a lot to me that we've both moved past this shit
  6. I enjoy that you still dont know what happened. You jumped into the channel, screamed at me and banned me. You have no idea what was going on in that channel.
  7. How did I lie about my mistakes? I dont mock Florance on a daily basis, where are you pulling these facts from? What else is laughable is your personal crusade against me.
  8. You're pulling that out of your ass. Give an example.
  9. How exactly have I been banmongering?
  10. What other can I give?
  11. Last time it was seeing others, this time is seeing your own :p
  12. My word.
  13. Benji, I did not want to spread the recording to the extent that it was. Remember why you were removed from the admin team, you hypocrit.