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  1. You shouldn't have attacked me lol, and then run away like an idiot
  2. Someone attacked me, and then I relogged from server like a freakin' kid. I feel bad for that
  3. Your in-game name when you were banned: I'm not kinda sure :/, that's why I posted mine GUID Your GUID (not required): 76561198117378667 Why you think you were banned: I RDMed someone like bitch. Why you should be unbanned: Because I simply want to play this awesome mod, on this awesome server. I'm also reformed I'd say. Any other information that might be useful: It's almost harvesting season.
  4. Dear people, Last year I've made big mistake. I RDMed someone and eventually got banned. I'm here to ask YOU for unban. I think I'm reformed, and I'm never gonna do that again, I can promise with my life. My nickname: Not_A_Criminal_Scum