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  1. Oh so I attacked you! Why is there no log of me attacking you then? Mr. Liar, any explanation?
  2. I am strange? You don't feel shame in accusing innocent people? Exactly what rule did I break? And if you are so truthful can you show me any screen shot, video or at least log where I did rdm, nrr or illegal help? I am waiting. I happened to check forum and came to know that I am being complained here when I did nothing. Please punish butter for lying here and trying to get me punished here when I did nothing. Edit: oh now I got it. You are super angry at me because after you attacked me, outlaw taught you a good lesson. That's why you want me banned. Now this complaint is not about in game issue anymore but you are taking revenge out of anger out of game. This is going personal. But It's just a game.
  3. And I say again you broke rule. Hulk who is outlaw, halted ralph and you too halted ralph. Outlaw and Factions can't help each other directly or indirectly. Admin check logs please. You will see Hulk halted ralph and as ralph was struggling then our ex. Faction halted ralph too.
  4. Hi I was in the same faction. I think Gnomok is newbie that's why he is not coming here. I was rdmed by newbies too and was told to be patient. Unless Gnomok comes here I don't know exactly why gnomok attacked Hulk again. But during fight I think after Gnomok died then we were still fighting Hulk and Gnomok seeing this came back to attack. Or Gnomok at his spawn point saw hulk swinging his sword and attacked him again. Could be that Gnomok does not know this rule or broke rule willingly. Anyhow I would request admins to check if Gnomok is a newbie player. And if he is then give him a chance (Minus his money) but not ban him. And if Gnomok has no money for refund then on behalf of Gnomok I am ready to refund Hulk.
  5. I am FreedomXBeast. The reason Butter_Osman included my name is not because I was fighting there. But Actually I had just joined outlaw for the first time. I went to Richfield Village and I was halted. I ran away but Butter_Osman and his other Butter friend followed me and shooted arrows on me. Seeing this other outlaws went to attack them. And as I saw other outlaws fighting for me. I was saying in global now taste wrath of outlaws etc. I did not participate in any attack. Show me single log where I used any weapon against them. Other outlaws had attacked them because they attacked me. And rule allows this. Outlaws do not need to ask for help from other outlaws. In conclusion: 1. I did not even try to attack them. 2. They attacked outlaw first. 3. Outlaw do not need to ask for help from other outlaw. 4. Outlaw attack on them was directly derived from their action against outlaw. Butter is lying.
  6. Regarding point 2 and 3. To me they are valid points. Because rules mention it that: You must have a valid kill reason to kill somebody outside of war. Valid reasons can be but are not limited to..... They are not limited to those points but common sense can be used. Your character in game is a bad guy who kills innocent people everywhere and that is the reason. It's like killing without any bounty. Because good character roleplay does not seek bounty or reward to kill terrorists. (No offense to you, talking about terrorist activities that your roleplay character does).
  7. Another lie hulk. Faction allowed you to get out of castle. They opened door for you. In logs admins will read Ralph mounted black horse and hulk halted him outside castle. And in logs admins will find outlaw hulk halted Ralph and the same faction halted Ralph too. Both outlaw hulk and faction helped each other against us. Breaking rule.
  8. Hi, my real account is Aadam_Gardner (Current name in game: FreedomXBeast). The reasons I attempted to kill Hulk are as follows: 1. Today before halting ralph he attacked us in a castle. 2. He is permanent outlaw, his daily routine is to rob and kill people. 3. He told me in game that his motive is to make people cry. 4. Despite my sayings to faction to not open gate for Outlaw Hulk, our faction helped Hulk and opened castle door for him and Hulk killed us. Breaking the rule (you cannot help outlaw directly or indirectly). 5. I and Ralph wanted to leave this faction who helped outlaw (you can check in logs). After my brother Ralph went out of castle then Hulk outlaw halted him and tried to kill him. But my brother Ralph told me to help him (in real life) and demonstrated it by running towards me. 6. I had already climbed a wall from ladders to make position to shoot hulk. As I was saving my brother ralph, our ex. faction halted ralph thus having ralph sandwiched and breaking rule again (helping outlaw directly or indirectly). And Hulk is hiding this fact from admins. Instead hulk is using Guardian_of_Minas_Ithil name and trying to prove his story. When the truth is that Guardian_of_Minas_Ithil and Pizza guy (forgot his name) were our ex. faction. (you can check logs) They let outlaw in castle and then later hulk and them double halted ralph (faction and outlaw tag teamed). In the end Hulk approached my ladders and Guardian_of_Minas_Ithil was moving with hulk my arrows missed and hit Guardian of Minas. Hulk was climbing to kill me and Guardian was shooting me and he killed me. ****I protected my brother and I did what was right to do***** Rules utilized: You must have a valid kill reason to kill somebody outside of war. Valid reasons can be but are not limited to..... No other faction may help Outlaws be it directly or indirectly nor can Outlaws help others.
  9. Hi I am Aadam Gardner. I would just say one thing. Important information has not been disclosed in logs. Olaff if you start reading from that point then it seems they were spawn killing Ralph because of his global chat. But if you check from beginning then you will know whole story. I said hii to all server and only adlar replied with hi. I thought he is cool. I checked his castle was praven. I asked him in global, where is Praveen. We want a castle near Praven. Then their reaction was like, oh you want to attack us. I explained my words and said, no for friendship, union. Yet adlar came to me and killed me on sight. Then adlar chased Ralph (both were on horse). Adlar making his fun said in global that he is running. And we said it's because we are new players with 200 ping. Yet adlar killed Ralph too. And then spawn killed us both and even adlar accepted himself and said in global to pls_Kys that he is enjoying spawn killing here in Richfield.....spawn killing got boosted up because of Ralph chat for sure but then later after adlar logged out pls_kys continued his work. You can read in full log yourselves. Conclusion: I would say nobody should get ban. We are from Asia and when in day we played we we're just these few players. We want server populated. But to have control, to keep rp server different from dm servers. I would say admins should fine DMers (- from bank) or weapons restrict for some time instead of banning any rule breakers. Peace out.