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  1. Well this is pretty ...worrying and funny at the same time. Since Heavy_bob cut out of Native/PW warband Oasis has been the only service provider for Australian PW for a while. We got a PK server up just today, there's a singular admin-password problem with it (log in with admin password get you kicked). But yea, pretty good to know another side of story, I always have been trusting toward Oasis. Thanks everyone !
  2. Is this for real? Oasis-Gaming is the only one I could have find so far, and will be proceeding with the payment soon
  3. Hello everyone, I just have a quick question: I am looking to put up a Persistent Kingdom server for Oceania (Australia + New Zealand). Most of the hosting services I have found so far only provide Persistent World server. Does anyone on our forum know a hosting service which can provide a PK server in Oceania? Much appreciated for your time,