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  1. You are a turk which I don't consider a turk
  2. ono enough turks for me!
  3. Just compare a spiked club to the practice sword, it's barely longer if not the same size. Whilst footman training station looks like a two handed practice sword nah?
  4. It looks like a militia class btw.
  5. It's not right guys, we should discuss something else but not map bugs or fixes
  6. Bias, lets get another mapper
  7. what are you saying sorry? my dick is so big that it blocks all the noise
  8. Zvansk then
  9. Map is a mistake itself
  10. Tfw Godwins and plebs make server more colorful than any organized clans combined
  11. Lmao all those f@g.gots from bigboys think pubs are dissappointed in VoS, actually that was more interesting with 110ppl on or less continuously fighting each other and making server more lively than your 50 men faction hiding and waiting for 10 minutes war
  12. I'm not even related to this complaint, however it is quite simple to see who is wrong. One told that you looted his kill and it would've been OK if only you didn't steal goldbars(common sense pretty much), in rules stated that stuff of whom you killed considered yours, so One had a kr on you.
  13. Oh oh I smell broken love