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  1. You stopped for sure, you checked the loot for sure dude, don'T lie pls
  2. But what i have to add is, that he dived directly into the battlefield to loot the corpse.
  3. I was attacked by Belka und Gwoemul_IV from the Polska Clan. They attacked me in an abandoned Castle without any reasons. After fleeing, they chased me and I was forced to fight. After i killed one, i was gone for the other. I thought he was comming back to assist his teammate, so i charged him and didn't see, that it was Rekt, because the faction colours were both deep red. So i killed him, after that i killed the other guy who chased me. Rekt complained because RDM and I refused it because i still thought that he was one of the two guys chasing me. Then he left and wrote this Post