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  1. Umm, like wtf? I'm really surprised now. How can I be connected to his account? Anyways, I can prove it, no problem but how can I do that?
  2. Is that some sort of software or another user? What did u mean?
  3. I have no idea what you're talking about. But seriously I'm surprised af. Can u explain situation more precisely?
  4. Your in-game name when you were banned:ChineeseTwat Your GUID (not required):1654302 Why you think you were banned:I don't remember, guess i didnt pay refunds or smthn, i wasnt in home for a while and u know, shit happens. Why you should be unbanned:It has been a while since i was banned and im not a simple rdmer, just misread rules and had no time. Any other information that might be useful:?
  5. Well, kos wasn't active anymore, a lot of time has passed so basically u rdmed me + the fight was still was still going on when i respawned so i helped my teammates.
  6. Well, if gate was closed it wasn't me. Must've be my fac mates. You didnt go after me but ur archer was shooting in our direction, i was in Praven for a couple of minutes not doing anything in game (texting with my friend) so u had enough time to come after us. But u didnt. I dont remember what armor i was wearing, for me it was like 20k maybe more with weps, 30k max. If u ran for me instantly i would never log off, also if i would hear gate being broken or something suspicious i would not log off also.
  7. I have screenshot where u aimed at me lol
  8. Plus i didnt hide in the castle. I was 100% on sight. I don't remember if this was on gate or in front of armoury.
  9. Yes, i ran away, logged off after short period of time when i was afk in praven. A lot of time has passed and it wasn't hostile situation anymore. if u came right after us and break doors or something i wouldn't log off. I would not clog to save armor worth like 20k. It just wasn't hostile situation anymore plus u propably didnt follow me and 100% wasn't in praven bcs i was there for a couple of minutes.
  10. Can refund half of the price if we were both guilty
  11. Yes, I misread rules, said sorry right after this and offered very big refund for a naked guy without any gear and money. 30k is quite big for that. Still actuall.
  12. I think I had reason to kill you. Maybe u was in the place where i fought with someone, can refund if admin check logs and it'll turn out that i rdmed.
  13. Can refund. I attacked wrong guy as I remember then