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  1. Outlaw faction chat, my dick is hard af rn
  2. The reason no one goes outlaw is that there is really no point, everyone wears tincan now and outlaws have no classes with 15 strength, add ftm training for outlaws and that's it. Also I think that outlaw rating should not be deactivated, it's fine as it is imo.
  3. Polakville as an outlaw camp please
  4. Is this autism?
  5. Well that's a bummer, is there no way to make our own balista though?
  6. I wonder actually, when it comes to balistas maybe instead of making it a thing for defenders we could make it a buildable thing in front of the castle walls so the attackers get some help but the defenders can use it too when they push out and take control of the field? You'd basically build it like you build ladders (if it's possible ofc)
  7. Making a map with lore would worg on some RP server but PW wasn't about RPing since the last few years. Now if you make a map you have to balance it well enough so one faction can't dominate the others, keep in mind that "lore" doesn't need to have any problems with balance.
  8. Ehe, now delete the towns and finish the terrain first, best advice I got from Dekkers. You make the terrain as in mountains, hils, etc first then you make towns. also add some flavour to the sand and these bare rock textures because these just look atrocious
  9. mfw I realise PW mapping is just a less advanced form of playing minecraft
  10. The real question is, are we worthy?
  11. I'm wet right now holy shit you know how to turn me on
  12. Let's both sign up for a gender change surgery
  13. Poles are basically Russians thank you
  14. I'll just respond so Michael doesn't have to "We've been considering expanding the shop for some time now and I can guarantee you that after Avenger finishes [Insert Generic Thing] he will surely add this in"
  15. You're not funny FRIEND