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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Galbart The person(s) you are reporting: John_Salmon, Sifaci_Capital The time and date of the incident: 13:55 - 11/11/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: Was just riding around in a default faction checking steam when they randomly couched me (they were both commoners), well I got killed by Capital but they were riding together and I noticed the other guy mass RDMing other people. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  2. You've put a good effort into your application, you're past the "XD IM EDGY" age that Bohl is in but it concerns me that you did have a VAC ban on your steam account, it was a long time ago but you might want to address that. Seeing that you also do say you have admining experience I'd say it's worth to give you a shot. Also Are you Tommy's second account?
  3. I already adressed this point, Techno can actually just look through my logs only today to see that I logged in a completly different faction today than from which the logs show me logging out yesterday.
  4. I'd like more logs to be posted of Ice members looking through and taking out stuff from the chests in Helheim since we all checked them then I will gladly explain.
  5. But from these logs you could see that our people were taking stuff out of the chests in Helheim and today we are all logging in exactly in the faction that holds Helheim by default AND I doubt you'll find us joining that faction later in the day, why would we log off in that castle while being in a different faction and even if we did why are we loggin in a different faction today? The theory that logs are wrong adds up while you're just throwing out "YOU COMBATLOGGED OK?????"
  6. My oh my the only thing that seems supsicious to me is that you really want to rush the complaint
  7. Doesn't cost Techno anything to go and check it later in the day does it? :^)
  8. I believe William was online at the time and he could actually witness that we all logged out in a faction called "Kingdom of England" EDIT: I am also fairly sure Techno that you can see that today the Ice members have logged into the game in the faction that holds Helheim by default, if you will take your time to match up the logs yesterday and the logs today you will see that there is either a big chunk of logs missing or that us joining the faction was not recorded.
  9. It buffles me that you're calling me stupid when you seem to have no actual comprehension of the rule set, if you didn't realise yet the complaint is about him interfering in the war, if there is a war nearby you then sure, you don't need to leave the warzone but you are NOT allowed to help any of the involved factions if you're not a part of either of them, that's what the complaint is about. You people seem to claim that Donnie was there when the fight has started and that he was defending himself from us trying to attack him, my video clearly proves that it's not the case. Please refrain from posting here if you actually have nothing relevant to the complaint to say and let's await the admin's decission.
  10. Sure thing! The part after he left the keep is supposed to show how much Donnie had time to leave our castle and be on the way to join his faction.
  11. Since when does that actually invalidate the kill reason for insulting us? The kill reason does not disappear until the person is killed no?
  12. And in both cases we killed you for murdering Indian.
  13. This video actually shows that you people just straight up killed an Ice member that was being ESCORTED to the training room and as far as I'm aware we simply commited pesticide on you for killing Indian.
  14. I'm not denying you had a killreason on the people inside, I'm just stating that by the time the fighting has started you were well away from the people in the keep, you did interfere but as Heks has said all we want is a refund, pretty sure we can solve this in a civilized manner.
  15. Logs will clearly show that he said "I will leave" before the figthing actually took place, after he said that he ran out of the keep we were holding and then the interfering started.