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  1. (sry for my eng)I didn't understand )
  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: Bi Why you think you were banned :For "murder" outside the war, but this is a pure misunderstanding, which I will tell you all about Why you should be unbanned: I played only a week on this server and followed all the rules ,then I joined the ranks of the robbers ,but have them I did not kill anyone and was not robbed as they were just a couple of days in fraction.But once several of our guys went outside the camp and I went with them, they entered a castle ,I did not take anything there and just stood next to the exit of the castle ,but as I understood the guys came to Rob , since they broke the gate and the gate in the main citadel ,then the defenders came and attacked them ,but not me ,as I did not get into the fight and was generally set up peacefully .Next, one of the defenders of the castle swung an axe at me ,but did not hit, but was ready, then I took out a bow as self-defense, this warrior began to attack , I didn't have time to run away from him and I shoot him (missed) ,then he stopped and walked away .While my comrades-in-arms were fighting for what they had stolen in the castle ,I bought a horse and left the castle ,because I did not want to fight ,but then I was caught up with the heavy knights of the castle and killed ,not even becoming to understand why I did not fight with them ,and just stopped.I am an honest player and I always follow the rules of the game I play.I hope you understand what I have written (sorry for my English ,I don't know him very well)