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  1. Np I joined another clan, thx anyways.
  2. Current age: 19 Previous clan: None at PW, plenty on native but it was a while ago. Do you have TeamSpeak and a working microphone: Yes I do. Steam Link: Previous experience: None when it comes to PW clans. Reason for applying: I am a really good archer and I wanna play in a clan. :)
  3. If I was to get unbanned I would only roleplay according to the rules and hopefully join one of the Clans/houses available.
  4. Okay maybe I did that, I cannot remember what I exactly did but I was a troll back then. However I don't autoblock? Anyways what can I do to get unbanned?
  5. Your in-game name when you were banned: Don't remember but most likely it was fishto. Your GUID (not required): 700770 Why you think you were banned: Probably trolling, I might have been rdming, maybe because of rage or it was due to trolling. Why you should be unbanned: Well it was a really long time ago and besides from that I have no interested in trolling whatsoever. I would rather be roleplayin honest and join one of the clans, believe it would be much more fun, perhaps I should give it a chance since I have never actually roleplayed. Anyways, I promise to follow the rules. Any other information that might be useful: