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  1. Just found my guild ID too: 1085809
  2. Ingame name when banned: Beowulf (most likely although this was 2 years ago!) Banned: Unjust ban, shot a guy when I robbed him as highwayman and gave plenty of warning, he chased me and I shot him as he chased me trying to deter me form robbing (fair warning and notification of such a robbery was well forewarned) Stil not sure why I was banned as all I did was legit. Why I should be unbanned: I did nothing wrong, abide by the rules and am generally a top guy. Other useful info.: This was 2 years ago on PW so cant remember too much about it if Im honest! Cheers,
  3. Banned on PW about 2 years ago, not sure what name it was under. Unfair ban in the first place and still banned on Kingdoms, what do I need to provide you with code-wise, where do I find it? Also please unban, ta (potentially was called Beowulf but not sure)