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  1. everyone starts with a 150k bank like normal and if you want your money transferred you can make a refund request???? if ppl rlly care about their shekels they will put effort into getting it back
  2. couping lil cock
  3. Instead of saying what happened, you are demanded them to provide evidence that it was inside their castle and their cart while you clearly know what happened. If they didn't have any evidence they would be forced to pay a refund. Now I assume Bawo or whatever came up some evidence towards William whether you took it or not. The point is, you knew what happened, instead you demanded them to show evidence instead of stating it. Now, This post is on assumption that the evidence clearly shows it's their cart and that you knew it was theirs. For example, he just dismounted and you mounted it.
  4. If you did that the besieged faction will get steamrolled quite easily. Wouldn't spice up things at all, just makes it even more boring for both sides.
  5. A pedophile.
  6. Don't edit anything at all, it is fine as it is. Most people voting yes are these try hard Ludus fags.
  7. Add 7 damage to the siege crossbow so full helmets are Insta kill.
  9. Item: 148 = Tribal Warrior Outfit (tribal_warrior_outfit) Suggested price: 5000 Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: because its the reason pw is stille alive and not all maps have it Item: 70 = Huscarl's Helmet (nordic_huscarl_helmet) Suggested price: 8000 Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: fashion and meme nords
  10. are u trying to say dis community is toxic????
  11. That would kill the server.
  12. Make crafting refunds on certain items ridiculous high (Meat, salt, horses) to keep people playing? And by this also increasing the price of armour/weapons so you will actually need the money, making everything else more value in general.
  13. Sees TW thinks Town Watch.
  14. This is Persistent World 2017, this rule won't work. The Phoenix community is not into roleplay or this sort of economy. If you made this suggestion 6 years ago it might have pulled through, but not here. Maybe you wanna join a roleplay server instead.