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  1. I don't know you, yet I think your admin application would get denied anyways and that this admin complaint is invalid. Owno wait, it's a fact. Invalid.
  2. You honestly made an admin complaint over 10k? No.
  3. If you aren't involved in the admin complaint please refrain from posting.
  4. Make an unban appeal.
  5. After @Bridge Troll resignal we have finally found a suitable candidate for his open position, for that, we welcome @William as our Head Admin.
  6. Nobody will play then before the server resets since there is no point in doing so.
  7. No. That is combat logging as well. Giving someone a kill reason, doing anything hostile before logging out such as stealing, hitting a door or something along the same lines is combat logging. William did nothing wrong here. Invalid.
  8. I'll try to today, if not, over two weeks. Going on holidays upcoming friday. I'm sure Bridge Troll will solve it by then.
  9. He is clearly aiming at you. Can't see why the ban hasn't been removed yet. Will have a chat with Tommy.
  10. Arno and Monsnic are currently banned by @Avenger for reasons. So there is not much to be done about that, however, @Nazi Doge is very new to the staff. For him seeing, those that were involved in the war and participating are punishable, while they aren't. Only the one declaring the war/those taking the blame for giving the order. Which was in this case the lord. Arno, who was banned before hand. We apology for the mistake of our new staff member and will pay a compensation for the time being banned upon discussion. @Nazi Doge won't be able to deal with big cases and will discuss anything with a game-admin or above before making a major decision. He has learned from it. We thank you for being reasonable and will remember that. Locked and moved.
  11. You can get a warning even tho a refund has been given out. Invalid.
  12. Alf did nothing wrong, there is no reason to complain. Invalid. Locked and moved.
  13. Lack of evidence that you didn't combat log. Invalid. Locked and moved.
  14. You'll fight against the crown, @Rowan. This trial will be delt with by mount and blade: warband melee combat. Locked and moved. Send a private bird for the arrangement.