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  1. Add commoner crossbowman and siege crossbow stocks. Thank you mr.wheelchair
  2. Or just add me I rarely get halted/robbed, steam: Hagaron
  3. *10 ppl mining gold* *clan joins outlaws* rip lol
  4. On RCC/Nexus and Persistent Frontier this didn't work out. If you get shot and not die you report It, majority of the server does. In my opinion the rules are fine as it is. Adding this one will mean A LOT of loopholing and adding unnecessary rules.
  5. Imagen the endless reports on the forums-/in-game of people requiring an admin to check who shot them whether it was random or not just to find out it was an outlaw. Also this means more loopholing then before and adding all kind of different rules what an outlaw can and can not do, such as killing someone that is imprisoned or at war. The list keeps on going, I think outlaw is fine as it is and the people voting yes should concider these things. Edit: and of course editing all maps so we don't have hordes of geto lancing outlaws. This was fine five years ago when we weren't this organized. After all it got removed for a reason; it didn't work in the end.
  6. Missing a siege crossbow stock and commoner crossbowman.
  8. The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: @Saptor. The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): What you claim the admin has done: Warning points and stuff. The full story: Same stuff as happened here. A staff member didn't know what a die or die situation is so I asked him how it was. Instead I got given warning points. Asked Saptor to remove them. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):
  9. That is him just solving it later? Your argument is pretty much useless. I can bring up thousand of complaints that got solved within 24 hours after the logs got posted. They aren't forced to leave it 24 hours open after the logs got posted.
  10. No it's not, stop making up stuff. Just look at the other thousand complaints.
  11. rytos piss off Im crushing him, my toy
  12. Otto perfectly fits the role. Most admins give warnings for first offence which is in my opinion utterly useless.
  13. You were given two days to respond which is enough time. The admins aren't forced to leave a complaint open till the complainee replied.
  14. Doesn't matter. If you go up the stairs while having a weapon, calling your friends for help that someone is breaking a chest and then saying in a complaint that you didn't had a weapon while your intentions were clear, it's pretty obvious that he was going to attack him or even did. Scorpia banned him for not mentioning that he did have a weapon, why? If scorpia didn't notice him picking up a weapon or believing his lie it would increase the chance of him getting banned for attacking fillip. Actually, if I just killed someone and run up the stairs of a tavern while two people if his faction are chasing me down with no reason of being up there since there is nothing up there apart from me I wouldn't mind if I'm the one going up there and getting smacked. It's called common sense. But it kinda depends on which admin you get. As said by scorpia, it could be seen as twisting things to get someone banned. Not mentioning that you had a weapon and lying about it is ban mongering.
  15. calling for help in faction chat is a kill reason???