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  1. Get me a burger.
  2. Very nies. Fun.
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like to everyone know that I'm quitting gaming. And by this, also Persistent World and leaving the community I have been part of for the last six years. My reasons are that I'm moving on, and gaming is holding me back to actually involve towards the person I wanna be. I have recently changed my career and for that, I have to fully commit myself to the education I'm following. I might pop up on steam here and there but I won't be participating in anything that has to do with the Community or gaming itself. There is always a small chance that I'd come back if something changes but those are very limited, perhaps if Bannerlords comes out but that's a minor thing. Also, a big shout-out to all the people I have met and actually were part of my personal life, some at least. And a thank you to everyone who actually made this gaming experience fun. I have got to know a lot of new people and for that, I'm very gracious, but this is the end for me. I suppose after so many years of being part of something that slowly controlled part of my daily routine it's hard for me to let go, but I'm willing to make that change for my education part. Farewell(?) Your happy pigeon, Hagaron.
  4. Unbanned. Locked and moved.
  5. Must have miss-read something since I even discussed this in a way with Bridge Troll that it was on a different teamspeak, anyways, we also came down to the conclusion that we aren't going to punish someone for this, since it's the first time that this happened and we can't really be bothered to ban someone for teamspeak that has absolutely no point. All we did was raise the amount of reports needed until somebody gets kicked automatically. Also, this could have been resolved over steam or anything along the same lines, but this is fine as well. I do admit I have miss-read it.
  6. You are right, it was a stupid decision of @Vala to ban you for just one day, if it was up to me you'd be banned for three days instead. On a more serious note, I can tell you already that the video shows clear NRR and that Vala did nothing wrong here as an administrator dealing with a complaint. He handeled the complaint perfectly fine according to the books and gave a justified punishment for lying on a complaint. Also, don't lie in the future, I'm far from worse. Locked and moved.
  7. Here are the logs. 18:27:05 - King_Tywin_Lannister attacked Belize dealing 17 damage 18:27:12 - Lord_Brenn_Lannister attacked Belize dealing 51 damage 18:27:12 - Lord_Brenn_Lannister <img=ico_blunt> Belize Nothing happened in between. @Tywin.
  8. 18:46:37 - Levy_Aurora_of_England attacked Just_a_friendly_serf dealing 6 damage 18:46:39 - Levy_Aurora_of_England attacked Just_a_friendly_serf dealing 26 damage 18:46:47 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] Can I halt that lorraine? 18:46:51 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] I can tell hin to drop shit 18:46:57 - *LOCAL* [Pikeman_Kubelek_of_England] ye u can 18:47:07 - *LOCAL* [Pikeman_Kubelek_of_England] gib me tin 18:47:07 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] need a better wep 18:47:11 - Just_a_friendly_serf droppped One Handed Axe(ID: 265) on the ground. 18:47:12 - Just_a_friendly_serf picked up Morningstar(ID: 238) from the ground. 18:47:31 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] where 18:47:32 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] is him 18:47:39 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Crow_Lorraine] it is fine 18:47:42 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Crow_Lorraine] i have rum and chips 18:47:51 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Crow_Lorraine] yes 18:47:54 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Crow_Lorraine] hundred times 18:48:04 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Crow_Lorraine] vaginurs are nasty 18:48:11 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] Crow halt 18:48:12 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] halt 18:48:12 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] halt 18:48:13 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] halt 18:48:15 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] dismount 18:48:26 - *LOCAL* [Just_a_friendly_serf] drop weapons 18:48:31 - Just_a_friendly_serf attacked Ftm_Crow_Lorraine dealing 35 damage 18:48:32 - Just_a_friendly_serf attacked Ftm_Crow_Lorraine dealing 40 damage 18:48:33 - Just_a_friendly_serf attacked Ftm_Crow_Lorraine dealing 6 damage 18:48:33 - Just_a_friendly_serf <img=ico_morningstar> Ftm_Crow_Lorraine Pikeman Kubelek of England has been banned until an appeal for loopholing the rules and illegal imprison, Just a friendly serf has been banned till appeal for randoming since he didn't give Ftm Crow Lorraine ten seconds to drop his weapons. Locked and moved.
  9. We advise anyone that owns a teamspeak to raise the amount of reports needed until someone gets automatically kicked, but we aren't going to punish someone for doing so on a teamspeak that isn't related to Phoenix. After all, every teamspeak owner is responsible for his own teamspeak. Already locked, so moved.
  10. WolfGuard Edwyn Stark and Ser Aep Stark has been given an official warning, since, they realized their mistake and quickly recovered their demands. Ranger Mauduit Stark has been banned for three days due to illegal helping. Locked and moved.
  11. 40k has been transported to your bank, spread over anyone that offered a refund. Locked and moved.
  12. Common sense is applied here. You have to mention a name when halting so you make it obvious for the others who you're actually halting. But, the rules were indeed broken and for that, a refund has been enforced. Even if you're alone with one person, you gotta state a name. Locked and moved.
  13. I banned you till appeal since you also combat logged and logged out to avoid punishment. Not to forget the NRR you broke and randoming.