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  1. lol
  2. because bank wipe
  3. "North American Scum" is a song by American rock band LCD Soundsystem. It was released as the lead single from their second studio album, Sound of Silver, on February 26, 2007 as a digital download and on other formats on March 5, 2007. It peaked at number 24 on the Belgian Flanders Tip chart and number 40 on the UK Singles Chart. The song is also frequently used to open up The Ron and Fez Show on XM Satellite Radio and was also featured in the 2008 film Step Brothers as well as the video games Saints Row 2 and Top Spin 4. NA scum.
  4. Well. It is. And yes, all the major servers had their NRR rule like this. Now, shush.
  5. Not a chance he could have been stuck.
  6. It has been like this for years on almost every server.
  7. Give warning points. I'll have a look into this with fat tit once I'm home. @Tommy.
  8. If your previous killer is fighting a faction member of yours, you can't help him.
  9. I was talking about Tommy you NA scum.
  10. Not th-- Oh. Right. Fat tit is gone for the evening. Try again tomorrow.
  11. Sums it up. Get on teamspeak and poke the overweight thick tit in the corner for your perms. Welcome back on the office.
  12. I will end you.
  13. I give ithem two weeks till these outlaw gangs are gone again.