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  1. This is Persistent World 2017, this rule won't work. The Phoenix community is not into roleplay or this sort of economy. If you made this suggestion 6 years ago it might have pulled through, but not here. Maybe you wanna join a roleplay server instead.
  2. Make an unban appeal here; http://pw-phoenix.com/forum/index.php?/forum/17-ban-appeals/
  3. Missed out the training class for commoner crossbowman.
  4. ?????
  5. Well it was. But that is beyond the point. How exactly am I being a dick? I'm the one that pretty much got told to fuck off after being ignored of why I have been given these unjust warning points. Refrain to my second point. There is no civil communication, not even close to. I wouldn't have made this complaint if there were no other options left.
  6. Just gonna tag @William, in case he didn't notice the complaint.
  7. We have enforced it in the past. Not long ago, thus, my statement. I even agree with you on that. But this was the only reason I mentioned it in the complaint.
  8. I asked why I received these warning points, I got told "re-read the complaint rules", such an useful answer.
  9. The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: William, Head Admin. The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): Irrelevant. What you claim the admin has done: Giving me warning points for no good reason. The full story: In the following complaint: I noticed a mistake from William's side. Where William said that Eliot (the person who the complaint is against) should refund him due to him not seeing the halt. While there is no evidence of him not seeing the halt. William pointed out there is evidence in the complaint itself but he was most likely confused, thinking; there is no local chat, thus he didn't see the halt, which is not the case, the F10 logs is set on his faction chat, not local chat. I pointed out that there is no evidence, instead of correcting himself he decided to give me warning points (you post is not hidden) Quote: Uuh, NRR? And doesn't Aivar have to provide evidence that he didn't see the halt? Or did that change all the sudden after almost two years. The only reason I can find he could give me warning points for is; You are not involved. Giving warning points for this is ridiculous. This is just as someone explaining/pointing out a rule that a complainee misread or anything along those lines. There has been dosen of complaint where the same thing happened and warning points were never issued. Yet this was the case. I asked him to remove the warning points but he refused.
  10. Fuck me. Oh well, first time we see Rowan being pissed.
  11. Well, PROVE that he was in a skirmish.
  12. Rowan claimed he wasn't inside their castle, so doesn't the complainee have to provide evidence of him being there? The logs clearly don't show evidence of a skirmish or them being raided.
  13. Do you have to be in a faction to enable it?
  14. shitturk
  15. uh hello headshot counter???