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  1. The argument of 'It's random because I didn't take anything' becomes completely invalid due to the fact we enforce the rule by looking into the loot pile-/chest-/cart, not by actually taking anything from it. Then you aren't playing long enough. But it's completely pointless to argue, I think we all have made our point so let's wait for the SA+ to solve this matter. I do hope they look at previous complaints and comments that have been made in this complaint.
  2. Impossible to enforce and for people to follow in-game. Not to mention a demand is a demand. If I demand someone not loot an ore or whatever that has just been mined I can't kill him for it? You'll get situations like those. Get a new rule for the looting and drop the complaint because he didn't follow his demand of no looting.
  3. Fuck no. Been like this for ages, just like carts etc. In my opinion you just reported someone for a rule that is in the grey area. Can't really punished him for that.
  4. How is this complaint even up. Doesn't matter if it was your own gear, you can't take it. (Refraining to one of your posts) And just like LOOKING into a loot pile is concidered looting, so is looking into a chest.
  5. I do remember you now, definitely worth a shot.
  6. Which servers did you admin on.
  7. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ at least he needs ss of you ramming
  8. when your devouch is based on arguments, good examples and isn't just an insult to get a just lil deeper in your circle jerk friend groups asshole
  9. The sails are down because you just rammed him.
  10. Looks like you rammed into them, giving him a kill reason.
  11. What couple of small things?
  12. What changed since your last denied application. Oh well, can't wait for those people with two post to vouch.
  13. That was the miss click I was on about, was fighting fuck load of people when he came up and doesn't want to get refunded for one single hit while he was been following me around constantly as you can see from previous deaths. Not to mention his NRR breach by insulting me.
  14. You are wrong on so many rules. Stealing a horse from your previous killer is NRR, saying save me is a demand. It's not kinda NRR/a demand. And nor can you help your faction member in combat against your previous killer, the only time you cab attack your previous killer if it's a skirmish zone or his demands are directed towards you and not via faction kill reasons. (Only expation is breaking faction property) which wasn't the case.
  15. doesn't matter If it did or didn't???? 18:13:16 - *LOCAL* [Hagaron_of_Whiteroses] help