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  1. Ow boy what am I in the mood to go nuts.
  2. SA''s send their regards.
  3. Right. Pretty obvious what your intentions were. It's that he suddenly turned around otherwise you would have smacked him. And no people, this doesn't mean you can go run around hitting everyone. Use common sense, it's that there is clear video evidence of the scenario otherwise the complaint would have been ruled otherwise. Invalid. Locked and moved.
  4. Will look into this once I get back home.
  5. Henricus warned for his first offense.
  6. Dealt with. Locked and moved.
  7. Look at the complaints logs and think again.
  8. I find the reason for your devouch even more PDD-NOS a-like. Because he didn't notice a double bump he is no administrative material? Right. To derail the application, for how long have you been playing PW?
  9. @Michael.
  10. The refugees thank to for the 100,000 denarri donation to warchild from you bank own personal bank. woopsie
  11. You are inside a castle that is being besieged while there is fighting going on. Invalid. Locked and moved.
  12. @Bawo.
  13. Did you hit their boat. Yes or no.
  14. Unbanned. Locked and moved.