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  1. PM me if you didn't ERP. Locked and moved.
  2. Or halt the person delivering the money, to much of a loopholing attached to this, so no thank you. But, feel free to attend at the next staff meeting upcoming satherday to back up your arguments, we might make a rule along the same lines.
  3. Refunded. Locked and moved.
  4. Will look into this.
  5. Already banned them in-game till appeal. Locked and moved.
  6. I will bring this up next staff meeting.
  7. Increase of salt and loopholing in general equals a bigger ruleset. Same way around.
  8. forced ERP is allowed on teamspeak fake news
  9. Good. UNGA banned for 3 days due to randoming. Locked and moved.
  10. uuuhub hageuuouum u forguut to luck and move it Uueuuuueueuu
  11. Already banned them in-game. Locked and moved.
  12. After concluding this complaint with some others we decided Captain Lucion Lannister was to blame, so he'll be banned for one day, considering there was no order given and it was for a short time of period. Locked and moved.
  13. lol