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  1. Your in-game name when you were banned: I don`t know but may be probably Amazons_Climena Your GUID (not required): 2017148 Why you think you were banned: RDM Why you should be unbanned: It was about half year ago,and it was not clear RDM, because player, that made a complaint also broke the rules.It was terrible misunderstanding so =( I am really sorry for it and I want to ask you to unban me. Also I have read the rules a few times.Thanks! Any other information that might be useful: Some Bulgarian players destroyed a cash chest in our castle so I decided to kill them.
  2. Your in-game name when you were banned: [Freedom]Flashkodr. Your GUID (not required): Why you think you were banned: I was banned because of DeathBG complaint on the forum. He has written such story: "Me and my friend Joined a faction called Amazons They kicked us we rejoined then they attacked us killed 3 of them and logged off 1 min after we killed them . Then we joined back 20 minutes later we were still at the Amazons faction we rejoined .Then Flash Kodr and his friend came to us without halting us or having any KoS reason and killed us then kicked us out of the faction." But he didn`t tell all the story. My faction leader kicked them from the faction and after it they rejoined again. In the house in the faction`s castle our faction leader swung the sword on the DeathBG in order to ask him to leave the faction. And DeathBG attacked. After it I decided to help my faction leader to kill them. DeathBG and his friend rejoined and started to broke the door to place where faction`s treasury is.After it they took money(we heard a sound of it) from the treasury without any demand. DeathBG and his friend left the house and took their swords near us and swung it on us.So we attacked them.And DeathBG is saying that it is RDM and that I and my faction leader had no any reason to kill them. Why you should be unbanned: I`m sorry that I didn`t write the reason before I and my friend killed DeathBG and his friend.But we had the reason to do it and it was evident to me and to DeathBG.Moreover, they swung their swords at first before we killed them. Next time I will folow the rules fully and read them 10 more times =) Any other information that might be useful: Link on the DeathBG`s post