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  1. you have the cheek to try and report me after you and ur friend go around rdming the whole server in chat u said "attack me and i fook you up" thats an insult unless im wrong get off the server u waste of space
  2. he just rdmd me aswell 1:34 sharius bigballs is rdming with him aswell
  3. tries to tell me he didn't know it was against the rules then slips up and later says he sees it all the time and he sees people giving refunds for it xD
  4. Another Clog
  5. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Beserker_Mahmed_of_Somalia The person(s) you are reporting: Davos__Seaworth The time and date of the incident: 22:12 - 17/06/2018 What you are reporting them for: Combat Log The full story: halted him inside Kingslanding Armoury just 1 to 1 "Halt Davos" he left before i could say halt again, waited for him to rejoin then started swinging he had spawn immunity and then left again. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Logs Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  6. was the armour worth the ban p3rez ?
  7. On the last map Richfield had a banner point and was capturable we just assumed the same would be on this map, call it ignorance, we fought and killed them then ran to the back of richfield looking for a banner point as soon as we realized there wasn't one we peaced it and left without looting. I don't usually have anything to do with declaring wars or anything like that so I was ignorant that richfield doesn't have a banner point and cant be taken i assumed all the complaining in chat was just them trying to make us hesitate and not actually go in and kill them so still went ahead with the war My apologies, wont happen again
  8. I did come back on but it was after my post saying i could just give him his gear back as u see i edited it saying i just got insta killed when i logged in.... by do something else i mean try play another game... not go off i didnt know what i was gunna play i ended up staying on after i got insta killed cus a more fair war was going on
  9. how about i just give u ur gear back seems as u are so longing for something out of this as then i am re-funding u what u lost :) nvm i spawned and got insta killed by another pleb war ill give u the money to drop it cus i just loot my gear anyway
  10. well considering how close they were to us it didn't seem like it buddy. I fought and finished my fight with no other aggressors in sight so i thought "I've been on for ages gunna do something else out of combat so gunna log"
  11. I Killed u, waited to see if anyone from your faction was coming to get revenge we were right at the bank near richfeild.... I then left to go play something else cus it was just a one sided pleb war in which we had been getting 2,3,4to1 multiple times no re-fund even though i still have all the gear i took from u and you know it ?? seems u just want me banned how nice and worth