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  1. + after they took our cart, they got the guy who screamed for help (The_Deluge) to make them crosiers in the village locked inside the shop while me, mr_kneegrow , RoyalGuard_Waron_England , wksog5ksjiorjgriavjoikefhyu2 AkA Johnny, mitchyy, and some other people from England Clan, stood on the otherside calling them rdmrs. After a while Tim_Frese and his mate xineohp jumped on us and killing me, mr.kneegrow and couple of other people and went back inside. Although he knew he rdmd, he did it yet again (unironically) on the guy who called for help (The_Deluge) after he made the 4 crosiers. This was 100% RDM because he was putting stuff in the cart and then Tim killed him without any warning what so ever. EDIT: All of the people stated above seen what has happened so they can become my witnesses
  2. m8 you went on a rdm rampage.
  3. M8 have you read the rules?? RDM (Random death match): You must have a valid kill reason to kill somebody outside of war. Valid reasons can be but are not limited to: Someone insulted you. (Animations do not count). Someone aiming at you (Screenshot needed). Someone attacking a faction member or engaging in open hostilities with them. Someone previously robbed you. Being kicked or punched once. Being bumped twice. Ignoring a reasonable demand such as "No loot". Theft of your or your factions items (Food, Money, Carts) etc. Where can you see that?
  4. Damian insulted Yuki therefore giving him a killreason. 'If someone insults a member of your faction, you gain a killreason on him' isn't in the rules meaning that it was a RDM.