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  1. You were all outlaws and you all rode together, grouped tightly and attacked when others did, you were as one. The entire group of outlaws then lingered at the gates of our keep (inside our town center) as we were literally the only people left on the server and you had nothing better to do, Theodore was indeed salty as he had been killed repeatedly. Though he never took his anger out like you describe. We asked multiple times for all outlaws to leave but you wouldn't. Outlaws then accused us of returning to the scene despite it being our spawn. I died 10 times and lost all of my money to start off in the server, i have maybe an hour of playtime and i never left New Zendar. I spent all of that time trying to get your group to stop harassing us. I still did not feel a dying need to come and try claiming back 15k by making a report, but i do see it fit to defend hulk.
  2. Ganydelf here, Although i am not hulk, i was present as the leader of the attacked faction. Fresh back to PW in light of new mod and good memories from pheonix, 10 minutes in, we join a faction and take over. Only 20 players on, about 12 in our faction the rest outlaws. Immediately get trouble with the outlaws who are riding into our castle (New Zendar), A player from another faction called 'ShitMod', his name being something close to 'IamShit' who had been beaten in a duel by me hires them to fight us (not allowed i believe), we have a good fight and they win, from there on the remain sat in our courtyard outside the keep of new zandar for at least 45 minutes, they continue to ride into our keep checking the money box, spawn killing me at least twice for nothing. alot of the outlaws who died return to reclaim some of their gear and keep repeatedly insulting and trolling to keep causing fights. They attacked our gates needlessly in the breaks of pure madness. Outlaw gang then died to us eventually, causing them to quit, not before claiming we would be reported and banned ect ect. Surprising after how many times they killed us! Basically a big trolly gang of outlaws, notice i have died 10 times, all to outlaws, my friend Theodor too. Never once did we leave our castle. I have screens of my unarmed, naked body, spread throughout the keep and many others of my faction! Shame i dont have screens of their RDM. Basically they wanted a fight and they got one against us repeatedly, eventually we ran out of all our starter money and I had to plead with them to give up, in the final fight nearly all of them died and they then disconnected. If you have the effort to dredge through logs you will see how the players like IamShit and others outlaws were just a waste of time, and unfortunately put a downer on our first time playing PK.