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  1. THIS!
  2. Why you guys just rejecting it? You arent even serfs? These suggestions shouldnt bother you.
  3. No i didnt wanted that. I just wanted some protection from the sadistic maniacs.
  4. That would be awesome. But first, we must get protection from faction jerks.
  5. This is a combat based game true. But it doesnt make it solo combat. We have serfs who wants to be let alone. And being combat based game doesnt mean you have to be jerks. This is PK. You need resouces for your combat. And you need "farmers" for your resources. You cant run a server just by filling the stocks. That would be babycaring.
  6. Currently serfs are quite useless. So i have few suggestions: 1-Make raw meat and fish inedible. Fuckers stealing from our carts and eating just to fill a tiny bit of food bar. 2-Put a hunger bar on the cows. Currently it is hard to know if they are hungry, full or ready to breed. 3-Reduce beer making time. It is too long. 4-Put a rule about killing cows around a herder counts as a item rob. So only outlaws could do that. Retarded faction members killing our cattle just to prove they are jerks. 5-Make killing or stealing cart horses when their owner near them illegal too. Fact members couchlance our cart horses. Or just steal them. Maybe bounding horses to last owner if owner is near? Faction jerks are making serf lives nightmare. They do it for fun not for any purpose.
  7. I just found that herding crook was in the bredby. But still there is no fish in the map.
  8. Map doesnt have fish schools and herding crooks. Please add them. They are important. And cutting small trees doesnt drop apples.
  9. Great Divide would be great imo. WITH HERDING CROOKS!
  10. None of the barns in the map has herding crooks. Also i have never see fish schools. They may look useless to most players but actually very important for serfs.