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  1. Well you could place a "pw_castle_wall_banner" somewhere
  2. Pls add wood process, smithy, pickaxe and woodcutters axe to the outlaw camp.
  3. Yea if you actually add as many trainging props, as you would add for events. I'm talking about one more for each class, or maybe only combat classes. And maybe don't place them into the smallest room of "full_keep_b",
  4. Lol, just place more training spots to the map? Just like people did for event maps.
  5. You should make the sigil a bit brighter
  6. If I'm not mistaken, you can acutally repair boats as a master smith/engineer
  7. What about making the animation slower, but increasing the damage a bit?
  9. Your name: Probito Steam: Do you have any modding experience?: Meh, a bit editing existing textures, replacing sounds (but most of these were for the lolz) and I made a few banners. With what task(s) do you want to help? (choose numbers from the tasks below): 3
  10. They're not
  11. Why are you not banned yet?
  12. If I remember correctly, right infront of avalon inside one of the tents.
  13. Can you add doctor class for commoners aswell?
  14. The castles look boring and the design of them isnt new at all. The first castle is the only one which looks fine, you should remake the others. Just google for some castles and get some inspiration.