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  1. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Elder_of_Remzi The person(s) you are reporting: Ninja2 The time and date of the incident: 16:35 - 14/06/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: I was crafting lute at the Richfield village shop.I was at MasterSmith. The ninja came. said please open the door. I opened it. Suddenly he attacked me. I have some ss . He's making fun of that crime. It is seen in the dialogue. I want to permanent ban for him for RDM crimes. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: No
  2. Please put a "RESERVE TABLE" in the town "Richfield Village" &... WINE BARREL for trading And Fishing tool and other tings... For production and Economy Thank You & Best regards