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  1. Yes i had break from video games and when i come back i started playing on my other account becouse i had other games on it and my 1st account was being used by my friend at this time. And right now he is not using this account and i want to start playing on this account but i saw i have a ban there but i want to play on this account soo that's why i need unban. I did't remember i had ban on that account soo that is why that
  2. Yes but you were halted and in my opinion that wasn't nice but still legal.
  3. I was there and Squishy demanded to give him armor as a refund wich abu abdullah did. soo for me this topic is pointless...
  4. Your in-game name when you were banned: i don't know it becouse it was long time ago like 2 years or somethig like that Your GUID (not required):don't know how to get it when i'm banned Why you think you were banned: I don't remember becouse that was to long time ago but i think i have stolen cart full of gold or somethig like that. Why you should be unbanned: Becouse i am playing on phoenix for few years on my 2nd steam account i never had any problems or ban on this account Any other information that might be useful: My 2nd account guid is 2222608 right now playing as Suheil_al_Hassan