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  1. Whether you were a commoner or not, matters little to this report. You killed my guy, I killed you. End of. You also assume I would have killed you for telling me to wait, whereas I would've just kept running most likely. Which shouldn't have been a problem, as you can just run next to me and speak. And, yes, it was NRR from your side, but I'm not petty enough to make a big deal outta it. Not sure why you're having your friend like your posts or posting for you either, what is this? Loudest guy wins? Chill, it's a game, you know why you were killed and you aren't innocent at all.
  2. My guy was healing me and you killed my guy, so in turn I killed you. About the halt, I've used this name long before I even played PW. You chased me and said 'halt' followed by 'arborean' on which I instantly turned around and smacked you in the face as reaction. It was a clear halt, otherwise you would've said something like 'wait arborean' or simply 'arborean' rather than 'halt arborean'. My name was not 'halt arborean' it was 'Arborean_Halt'.