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  1. I wouldn't mind fresh start when mod will come out but hey
  2. Not like i plan to use this (but server nationality census is pretty obvious right now), its really nicely done but if you could replace eagle with this one or this one not beacuse i'm some historical larper, but mordern eagle just dosen't fit and it is widely used on pretty much everything connected with Polska nowdays (It's called Piast eagle for refernce)
  4. hey
  5. Have you actually undertook a part in an organised siege? And by that I do not mean 30 plebs assaulting 15 plebs or 70 calradia nerds assaulting 100 calradia nerds or whatever. Elevators are easy to be camped atop, place 10 people around it with morningstars and some archers behind/on higher level and not even 60 people will get past it. Elevator can be controlled from the top and the bottom, even if you've enforce a rule that strictly prohibits abusing it theres not a single chance that it will be followed. wat If I understand correctly the exit from elevator is followed by really tight ramp and higher level just above it, if you can't figure out why that's not viable then shit, stay out of making maps that aren't dedicated to RP.
  6. Yeah, no.
  7. did God Emperor Donald J Trump just unleashed weaponized autism on mexico or what the fuck are you on with these retarded ideas esé
  8. Best suicide since Hillarys mails tbh
  9. EASY TO MISTAKE WHEN YOU HEAR FLAPPING SOUNDS WHEN ADMIN TEAM HANGS AROUND but ye if not that then let us rob armor again plzz
  10. Then remove more fattit
  11. It's still kinda sad that taking small part of image (1-2 clicks depending on program) and doing 6 ctrl c + ctrl v took you 2 hours
  12. yes was banned by dirty MEXICAN that is a fucking n.igger and even lied that I HARRASED HIS SHITTY FUCKING COUNTRY AND I NEVER WOULD INSULT A COUNTRY THAT HAS HIGHER UNEMPLOMENT AND CRIME RATE THAN POLAND yes i do that now beacuse since this incident I FUCKING DESPISE BORDER HOPPING SEÑORS denying my refund offer he showed that his country is only not willing to improve its economy but also preffers to be pathetic little cunt like every MORMONT is/was I feel that i've been backstabed more that germans were by individuals who are good with money my ban history was clear since 2014 (yes thats true, why its SO hard to understand that rdming is only viable to russians/retarded nickname commoners that use ingame emotes more than they should) SEÑOR GOMEZ FLIP A BURGER BE A DIGGER YOUR MOMS A N.IGGER Sad!
  13. flikker op i asked when this glorious creation will be usable by us!!!!