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  1. You were the one who brought an unnecessary post to unban appeal of yourself, you could've just wait for an admin that instituted ban upon you, but you decided to be annoying little willy.
  2. You implied that renowned and experienced admin has an serious mental disorder, which may and propably is an insult towards an certrain group of people. You should be thankful that admin Chris Christie did not manage to put on more serious punishment which could result in possible removal of yourself from this nice community. I believe that players of pw-phoenis don't want people that are heavily rude towards other people especially to people that care for better environment for this server. Hopefully this petty complaint will be closed, and maker will be punished severly for spreading toxic behaviour. also ignored the fact that admin wished you happy new year, fucking cunt
  3. get to work you cunt, polexit is waiting
  4. Another great game, would love to play it again but can't seem to find an proper fix for Win 10
  5. ^ this used to borrow this for days, liked games from Eidos but never really got into Robin Hood, Commandos on the other hand jesus
  6. real game
  7. Came up with idea for this thread recently and I think it would be nice to share some experience of games that are pretty old but still can deliver fun to this day (or criticise the old crap that hides behind "but its old game" sign) Having recently decided to emigrate while packing up I found my collection of Gothic saga, wasn't my first game or rpg at the time but it was my first rpg that I bothered to complete and replay to see other factions perspectives. What really bothers me that the saga itself (excluding fuckloid so called Gothic 4) wasn't really popular in the world at all, on the other hand in Poland it came with huge success and I really can't figure out why. So yeah, share your games that are good enough to replay them from time to time, or share those that are pretty fucking bad, yet still old.
  8. scippio is on for now and then, missing turk in netherlands tbh
  9. The reason new players are getting bullied (most of them), is that most of them are utter twats with no intrest towards learning the game mechanics and the rules, it is annoying when naked kid enters battlefield/skrimish zone that is in place between two factions and just loots equipment that is shattered on the ground. PW, also never was "freelancer" friendly, furthermore you will get most of the game and fun when you are member of one of the clans (tactics, intresting wars, raiding parties and finally halting defenceless commoners). There are few players who are not members of either groups that nobody halts and kills on sight, these players are known for creating intresting atmosphere and willingess to interact with them in an friendly manner. Good ol' Jampad stated in one of his videos the remark that the game environment is like prison, you put people on the earth, they will start to organise groups to fight other groups, those that are left behind will be turd stomped in between of these groups. Furthermore if all clans would adhere to these rules you had written, the server would be dead empty. sry english poland
  10. health up
  11. tak chcesz zrobić klan??????????
  12. dekks if only u would come more frequent with these great ideas!!!
  13. Your GUID or your name: In profile Reason for refund: Server crash Time of Server Crash (if applicable): Yesterday around 20 GMT+1 Did you take a Server Crash Refund (if applicable):no Link to complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: Estimated amount: 40k Cuirboulli mail miltens boots pike spiked mace gs shield
  14. lol """""""""""""