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  1. So i was playing pw, and i bought some stuff for around 10k. then i get rdmed, i called an admin/aico and he said: yea what can i help with?: and then i told him what happened and he didn answer, then i decide to go and serf, becuse i wanted my money back, then i find a cart, and then people follow me and taking the stuff inside the cart while im riding around looking for a mining pick. they are hitting me and stealing my stuff without halting me, i called an admin/aico and he said what can i help with? and he did nothing. then 10 sec later, one of the guys who stole my stuff before came back, and wanted to take the rest of the stuff in my cart, i told him that he had to halt me, and i would call a admin becuse this is the 2nd time you are doing it: he said oh yea sry :D, and typed halt afterwards. and this time the admin/aico saw everything he was just standin there looking and attacking out in the air like he didn care. then i got fucking pissed becuse i lost 25-30k and then both me and my friend called him, and then we where there aico and all the guys who rdm'ed me, do you know what they did? they started attacking me, calling me a nigger, a fat kid, and said i was lying and was a little faggot. and do you know what? Aico didn do shit, he didn ban anyone, didn warn anyone, he just teleported away like it never happened, imma not gonna stop before that admin is banned