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  1. How Old Am I? 20 Years Old. Applying For? In-game Admin. In A Clan? No Do I Have experience admin? Yes, i admin on game servers and it was enjoyable (minecraft, kinda embarrassing) Why Am I Applying? Well the reason is why i'm applying for in-game admin, i've noticed a even worst problem with RDM and just overall cancer in the community. I can help with that problem, i have experienced these "Toxic" player on the server. They ruin the RP and the fun everyone is having. The Reason I can help with the problem is, because i'm on all day most of the time (I do have a life lol). Anyway I'm very active and i love the PK community (the good part of the community). I won't abuse power, i don't care if your a friend or foe (But I am kind, because whats the point of being mean? I use to play PW and now PK. I love PK and i'd love to admin to kick out the Toxic players, who ruin the game for others.