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    Thanks... " You could've been a critic without being a cunt. You made a good point and I'd agree with you if you weren't such a twat about it. Making and shaping a map naturally takes time, so have a little respect, eh? " Calling me a cunt and a twat then asking me to show respect is an oxymoron - in your call for respect you were quite disrespectful. You ought to have investigated beforehand in order to find out my intent behind my post to garner for sure if I truly meant to be covertly disrespectful; willfully, deliberately and maliciously. Because? I did not. I may have come across to be boorish but this was by accident. I was merely being constructive and positive. If I was trying to spite Dekkers; then this is all too tame - I have not hit anywhere with my fists closed. No focal points here' brah! Have done nothing wrong,
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    It stated that if I had another idea I ought to post down below to which I did; I did to aid you to which you took as a slight. I made a suggestion and not an order - I have not demanded anything from you or ordered one thing to be done. I am the person whom voted "other" End off discussion
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    I gave you my time and well-meant advice; you gave me a half-wits spite. Do not ask for advice if you are unwilling to be in receipt of it - I did not approach you with this information, you made a thread and requested input.
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    The maps need not to look nice but be more centred for performance. I accept that aesthetics is somewhat of a pursuit but the issue is that attacks are delayed and chambers missed and I believe this to be due to the ridiculous placement of farms and general non-essentials that are not needed such as ruins to make the map simply look good. Dekkers, an adult does not date an individual based up on their looks yet does so because of ones personality and individual credentials - and now is the time for adult map-making. Build maps that are practical not pretentious. We are here to play, not to paint - but I accept that there must be a balance involved. This is a toe dip of an idea.
  5. You are the alternative fact giver not me.
  6. Punishment cannot be levied if you cannot without reasonable doubt prove my guilt. This is absolute. He has no choice but to accept a refund as the logs do not deny that chambers or weapons swings have taken place whether likely or unlikely it simply does not cover this and therefore I cannot be held to account as the evidence is inconclusive - it has fallen through.
  7. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE TO SUGGEST HE WAS NOT SWINGING HIS WEAPON OR THAT I DID NOT CHAMBER HIM WHICH RENDERS THIS TO BE OF INVALIDITY Yeah... I know how it looks, it looks like I've been quite the deviant, however, just because something looks to be the case it does not give way to absolute conviction for we must remember that the logs don't show chambers - by virtue of the logs, we can see that I have attacked him but we are not privy to the events that led up to this attack, we cannot see whether he was swinging his weapon or whether I did indeed chamber him (multiple times mate) and we must work on that so more innocent people such as myself do not get wrongfully convicted of RDM. As this is inconclusive, I offer a financial rebate - and this is not an admission of guilt - just simply being an honest individual. An honest individual whom happens to also be new. Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths.
  8. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! I AM AN HONEST PK PLAYER GOD DAMN YOU SIR!!!! I would like to also point out that this is quite untrue - he is purporting a completely different version of events to what I seem recollect. I seem to distinctly remember this scoundrel swinging his weapon repeatedly and by chance I chambered and killed him - he was intent on subjecting me to random death match but failed in the execution of such a task and is now ban mongering. That, I cannot help him with; I feel as though I am being grabbed by a playground bully and shaken upside down in order to make my money fall out - this roughneck is simply attempting to extract cash that is not his to have. It's so god damn easy to accuse people of being rule breakers in this community and it really shouldn't be so but alas, such is the difficult times that we live in. Full of opportunistic characters of no morality - what's a man to do? What can any one man do against such overt snakery - that I do not know, that is not for me to decide all I can do is decide upon the best possible defence to the challenge at hand in order to nullify these false allegations. I refute all claims laid against me, I am willing to enter mediation. A financial re-capitalisation to be tendered is more than acceptable given circumstances.
  9. Issue resolved - I did not refund him.
  10. This evidence is subjective to the logs - upon checking and investigating the admin will see that you had in fact confronted me upon my re-entry in the game. You and your friends behaved like vigilantes and had intended to deliver mob justice to me - I only defended myself. I am running away - not to you, you are however, pursuing me to a corner where the only way out is through you. Again, I take no responsibility for this. It is not my fault nor problem if yuo and your friends behave like Batman. Please see: Please review my individual case and cross reference. He is a habitual NRR breaker. As said previously, it is not up to me to prove my innocence - it is up to you to prove my guilt beyond reasonable doubt and the accusation being the evidence isn't sufficient, you also require my admittance of guilt and/or hard evidence such as a video of my bad behaviour (allegedly). You have no such means, you have no capability and you are in fact simply TRYING it on with me. Your belief that you would instantly be in receipt of a refund just as a means of maintaining the status quo is no different to the Japs view that a strike on pearl harbour would incapacitate the Americans - you misjudged me, you underestimated my resolve and determination. Now, a few whom have fallen out of favour with me would say I am crazy, more people however state that I am remarkably resolute - I simply do not give up, am dogged to say the least - you have only just undertaken this realisation. No matter how high the cost may grow, this will be still be so; I will NEVER wilfully re-imburse. This is the be all and end all, Absolute
  11. Hoshiqua is comitting a tort of deceit Firstly; Yes but you WOULD say this. You are not going to admit to running from an attempted robbery thus making this "PK legal" - you want a refund and that fact is obvious. One fact you may not be aware of that I will now disclose to you is that I will NEVER give you this refund - I am not going to pay you off (nope never) when you clearly had attempted to abscond. Secondly; I halted you upon the stairs - yeah, ok? It's not true is it, Hoshiqua? You ran. You died. You are now trying to seduce the admins to compensate you and to take disciplinary action towards an innocent man - there is no evidence to suggest that I behaved in a tortious manner, no evidence at all. Thirdly; Hosiqua's slanderous claims only serve to point to the area of compulsivity - he cannot and must not be trusted when there is obvious discrepancies within this tale of nonsense. I'm Sid, lol I do not and will not lie. It is simply not in my nature - anyone whom knows me can vouch to the fact of my character consisting of being open, honest and transparent at all times even to my own detriment. I am no hardened scoundrel, I do not uptake scoundrelism - never will I have a virtue for dealing in the shadows - I am just a hard-working PK player going about their every day business - I am only alike you, the average man. No difference. Hoshiqua is an alternative fact giver, this I say with absolute conviction. Believe me
  12. This sounds like a likely story doesn't it? Very believable - it is in fact constructed out of wilful, determined and strategically placed claims that only purports to be slander. The reality of the situation was that I issued a demand upon this man to which he took insult to and began to run - he would have escaped had I not reacted quickly. The positioning of this mans body on the stairs indicates that he was intending to escape - he made a play for freedom folks and is now abusing the system to get some sort of compensation that he is NOT entitled to. Hoshiqua is slanderous, defamatory and totally outrageous. I accept no responsibility and refute all claims laid against me and you know what? It is not my case to prove my innocence, it is in fact, his liability to prove my guilt - which he cannot do, this is inconclusive.