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  1. Ivory here Refund is fine.
  2. 50000 for rdm? do you even realise what refund is? is the value of your lost goods 50000?
  3. Ivory here Eh.. should I have given him more time in that case? I wanted to ask if I can demand not to loot cloths and arms of somebody who was killed by someone else than me. I will refund the 5k
  4. Your in-game name when you were banned: Angelica_Popowynska Madam_de_Estervale - my friend who was banned too. Why you think you were banned: I and Madad_de_Estervale gathered as many carts as possible to build something. TA_Deathium accused us of 'cart blocking' and banned us. Why you should be unbanned: From what I've seen in the rules we didn't break anything. Here are some rules concerning carts: Carts may not be used to obstruct or inhibit other players. For example, using a cart to obstruct movement in a siege scenario. No player was obstructed or inhibited or harmed in other way. We just had fun building things. Glitching or hiding unused carts with the intent to prevent other factions from using them is considered griefing. We didn't hide or glitch the carts in order to prevent anyone else from using it. Everyone could see the carts, everyone could come and take them after all. Not to mention that we collected only hand carts. Any other information that might be useful: We realise that the construction looked suspicious and it just had to bring attention. Here are some pictures to show that we didn't 'block' any entrance or soever I stated above The building was not completed. We only started