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  1. Saptor btw just let you know in the server there a lot mass rdm that admins cant control I think or close eyes wat I did was nothing I got rdamed all day and no one that was rdming get ban or even kick and ye I reported to admins in server they were online but don't do nothing about it
  2. Saptor lol I was angry don't pretend you didn't was angry in you life and do stuiped things so I learn from it and move on dude
  3. Your in-game name when you were banned: wat_the_hell_dude Your GUID (not required): 1327945 Why you think you were banned: admin try explin to me that I break ruels I didn't listan that's all Why you should be unbanned: I don't break again play nice (and I read read all rules so im good to go) Any other information that might be useful: that's all info