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  1. Away with u vile beggar!!! And lets make a video how to lose a siege so fast :)
  2. I guess u need a prove that he was in a combat situation but thx for the similar complaint
  3. My version of this is : House Beaufort Faction declared war we hiding inside.First some people couched people near Richfield.As I saw u stayed at this point some time(screen).It took sometime for u to regroup there the screen show u regrouping there and I was naked without a weapon trying to annoy u so i jumped of the wall and walked in to the cav where Benji or spink trying to kill me I wrote at the same time "Allah akbar"so It was suicide(logs prove I died a lot of time for walking in their cav).After they logged out (cant speak for Doran)u still waited for someone after some min u started to attack the gate no one left at this point.Runcop and Ulrad hiding their tins and ur clan destroyed the gate .Global chat was realy toxic at this point writing:ez and lmao.Back to the point where u regrouped near the church there was no real combat It was only my suicide mission and not more.Logs should prove a lot .So this a similar situation This is my version
  4. If this gonna be valid than take the money from my bank
  5. I was online at the same time u sieged and captured Solitude after u peaced it he was still online after 5-7min he logged out
  6. Make more VIDEOS!
  7. Good luck!!!
  8. Patch notes???
  9. ?
  11. Aitor:Perhaps do you prefer to play same 4 maps until bannerlord release? So there is a reason why the admins dont use all maps so I explained it to Aitor
  12. Henricus :to be fair there are 7 maps not 4. There are like 1 or 2 more but they are unusable with the current population
  13. Good job !