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  1. They got smacked, lost and logged. End. Why is this a thing even?
  2. Just take the bloody 2k of someones Bank for Christ sake, aint Worth your or our time
  3. Happend to us once too, I complained to Secan back then too, literally same Situation, nothing couldve been done back then, nothing will be done today. Give it a rest Boys
  4. Stop being a nuisance and trying to take the fun of other you thunderclit. This complaint can be locked once you've promised not to do it again, or we'll push for a punishment.
  5. Make sure he acknowledges this Thread and admits to being a general glue sniffer with the promise to refrain from doing such things in the future, not a reason to ban a member of this community over his pitiful and retarded actions.
  6. Insults in the first post, tries to be a smartass on the second, you hypocrite, shut your mouth and check yourself
  7. We declared war on them, chased them down in their Castle and he logged of. I fail to see how he didnt?
  8. I cleanse my castle before mass logging.
  9. Nana lets not banmonger the banmongerer now thatd be Kind of hypocritical