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  1. Well, Im not a nazi, but Im not retarded. swas has nothing to do about what hitl did against jws, he took it from an indian culture, and it represents National Socialism party, also nazism is one thing, the "social thing" which affectedjws, homosexual people, politics against Htlr, etc..., and National Socialism, which is the politic and economic beliefs, just like stalinism is one thing and communism other. As much as you want to lock nazism ideas, you should also be agree with ban stalinism from Phoenix. And ye, my english sucks, but well, Im trying
  2. Report should be solved ingame anyways, shouldn't need to come to the forum to complaint. RDMer have to pay for what he did, not for what you were going to do.
  3. That is completely unnecessary. Forum complaints are available for if you get RDMed and there is no admin on the server (as it usually happens), you report it VOLUNTARILY in the forum, don't need a 10k extra. For the rest, I'm agree with you