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  1. Report should be solved ingame anyways, shouldn't need to come to the forum to complaint. RDMer have to pay for what he did, not for what you were going to do.
  2. That is completely unnecessary. Forum complaints are available for if you get RDMed and there is no admin on the server (as it usually happens), you report it VOLUNTARILY in the forum, don't need a 10k extra. For the rest, I'm agree with you
  3. Your GUID or your name: Inditex_Danisuper (but I usually use Prince_Danisuper_Mormont) Reason for refund: Spawned in water Time of Server Crash (if applicable): Did you take a Server Crash Refund (if applicable): Link to complaint (if applicable): Screenshot: http://imgur.com/el0PW8T Estimated amount: 45-50k
  4. I just inform people that they have a forum complaint to reply, if they give me permission to answer for them then I do it as a high rank of his clan who takes the responsability of the case.
  5. Im sure about that he had a valid reason, he didn't kill you or just it was a misunderstanding. Juanjo has a clean history, so if admin says that he really RDMed you, he is willing to refund you.
  6. Hi Kevin. I already spoken with Quark, and he told me that you attacked him first. Following the rules, he was right to kill you even you were at war, you started the hostilities, not him. Anyways I do not think you can prove that he was doing horse blocking.
  7. It's obviously that it was his fault, but I think 30k is so much for what we are discussing. I already spoken with Quak and he is willing to give you 10k.
  8. The most beautiful song. Enjoy it
  9. I'm not here as a guy who RDMed anyone, Im here as a high officer who is trying to solving this complaint against one of our levies who doesn't has an account. Im just offering you a refund for the inconveniences, anyways if you just refuse it I let admin decide what to do, I can't do anything else.
  10. Then I was wrong, my fault. Anyways Kawaii, you've to understand the situation and do not extrapolate it to all clan. A high officer just gave order to kill you, maybe he forgot put your name or halt you, we're human and we make mistakes. As I said, it's not necessary to ban anyone for this, Im willing to give you a refund.
  11. Logs can prove that we had skirmish just few secs/minutes before you come, and we already said on chat "Leave" and "Leave Lorraines". Admin must decide who is wrong, anyways If Im wrong I am willing to give you a refund, I think a ban it's completely unnecessary in this case.
  12. Ok, keep your eyes on me, but please, do not fall in love with me.
  13. Well, it's a pretty clear that we had skirmish with your faction. You came back and entered our castle when we already said couple of times about to leave.
  14. No, we are not.
  15. Magic Post by danisuper on Dec 8, 2016 at 8: HOUSE MORMONT History: House Mormont of Bear Island is an old, proud, and honorable house of the north, one of the principal families sworn to House Stark. Their seat is at Bear Island, located in the Bay of Ice far to the north-west of Winterfell. Their blazon is a black bear over a green wood and their motto is "Here We Stand". House Mormont is one of the few houses to have an ancestral weapon of Valyrian steel: a bastard sword called Longclaw. However, due to Bear Island's lack of valuable resources, the Mormonts are a rather poor house. Their hall is made of huge logs, surrounded by an earthen palisade. On the gate is a carving of a woman in a bearskin with a child in one arm suckling at her breast and a battleaxe in the other. Like the other women of Bear Island, the women of House Mormont learn how to defend themselves from ironmen and wildlings. After the defeat of the House Stark in their independence battle, the Lord Guifré from the Mormont house took the power and became getting married with Lyanna. Now he's got the power, and has declare the House Mormont as a independent kingdom. Behind him, brave soldiers are following him, and no one can stop their swords, figthing for freedom. Here we Stand, Recruitment Procedure: Currently, we are recruiting people who understand Spanish, but do not rule out recruiting English-speaking people in the future. If you want to join, you must register in our forum and make an application, also add us on Steam: Forum: housemormontpw.foroactivo.com/ -King Guifré: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197996817550/ -KingsHand Lyanna Mormont: steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198069628692/ -HighLord Danisuper: steamcommunity.com/id/danisuper/ -Captain asKz: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198061473575/