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  1. /Vouch
  2. /Vouch
  3. M8 what did you expect this game is set in the Middle ages, and during the Middle ages an insult could lead to a duel
  4. Meh
  5. Why not however, I don't see how this is useful
  6. How do I upload pictures ?
  7. Of course not we aren't playing a game set in the 13th century
  8. I'm asking them to add it into the mod
  9. I don't believe I came across it Probably I forgot about it because I haven't played M&B in a while
  10. But I'd like to see this specific Kettle helmet (see the picture)
  11. Item: Kettle Helmet Suggested price: 3700 Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: Because this type of helmet is a popular helmet for common soldiers
  12. Item: Saxe-Weimar Armet Suggested price: 6500 Item image(Optional): Why would you like this item added to the shop: Another type of fashionable helmet for Knights
  13. By the looks of it Smeets did not combat log since he had made peace with all the factions and was no where near a combat zone implying that Smeets is indeed innocent unless the logs say otherwise.
  14. Hello Everybody, I am Sir_AndrewWilliam's father and I wish to assure you all that Sir_AndrewWilliam's 'clog' yesterday, was indeed accidental because he was distracted by my and his mother's calls to dinner at the time that he quit the game. He is now devastated after finding out today, that he has been banned from 'Brandenburg' after having been accused of 'clogging' (logging off during a hostile scenario). My son is teenaged (14 years old) and he is a budding gamer, and I do hope that this incident does not inadvertently lead to an adverse impact on his gaming persuits. I therefore ask you to please reconsider this unfortunate incident in the light of my explanation and I trust that you would reach a favourable conclusion. Should you wish, please feel free to contact me directly on my own personal e-mail address: Regards, A J Miller
  15. It was an accident I swear it on my life