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  1. I believe he is new. He didnt even know how to toggle his helm to get a heal
  2. @TheOneandOnly Are you sure logs dont show midget atacking first ?
  3. Aye, he killed many of our horses that we were going to use to leave, and when we told you to leave you atacked another horse ( while heading towards our castle )
  4. One last thing, a refund is not the value that you want, but what you lost for your items. And in your case you were in shit gear so you were worth 10k at most
  5. As i said lying in a complaint is a banable offense so dont say we atacked your first, because for me never atacked first.So lie one more time and i get your ass reported for lying. Also you atacked us as we left richfield even if we didnt grab anything from the ground. How can you explain that
  6. Well you were right outside richfield which was OUR CASTLE, literally spawn killing us. Im sure logs will show that P. It]s not our fault we spawn in richfield and we have to pass through the farms to leave the place Also you said that we started atacking you hm .... . Just to say that lying in a complain is a banable offense
  7. You were called KOS. I believe you moved during a halt or something i dont remember, but someones will post it more detailed no worries
  8. @Aragorn i just love your alternative facts xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. So you bought like half gears and you were toggling helmets and hand armors for the yolo right
  9. And @Aragorn 40k ? xD. Just from these 4 or 5 guys from my screens the gears go over much more than 40k :P
  10. Tbh i don´t remember xD. I know when i was writing the report i denied the refund for some reason but i dont remember it... Anyways I´m changing this to 10k for gear and admin heal
  11. Yes i was there as well, but Dan Tped to him to chat with him asking why he killed so many people. I believe he is kinda new and i dont think he is even in the forums. Prob warnining or a minimal ban would make him read the rules idk
  12. I read his admin app cause i want to know what kind of admin to expect in the future, and we all know that being an admin on JB means absolutely shit. Now I´m not saying that this guy can´t admin, because there are good and bad admins, but i don´t think saying that admining in JB was the best part of his career should be taken into great value. Anyways good luck tho
  13. Everyone can get to admin in the 59th jailbreak... you can do it in 3 ways: 1- You join their regiment and ask to be an admin 2- you spend like 1 month playing the RP and they might let you admin 3. with a little bit of sucking Kaide you can get it as well So why do you say that admining Jailbreak was the best admining you had ? (btw what was your name in the JB server ? ) By saying this, PK and JB are nowhere near common, because PK community is much more complex, while in JB you barely have more players than admins lul
  14. Cause i believe you did not give me 10s to complyyyyy
  15. Oh i thought he logged off right after me, and in that case you were nowhere near Praven. Please delete my comments.