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  1. Hagaron said everything.
  2. Bridge Troll said everything, nope.
  3. Next fieldbattle we shall do will be without the respawns, like if you die you stay out after that.
  4. Locked, Julek, go to the unban appeal section and use the CORRECT TEMPLATE, please.
  5. Quite sad, this map is actually pretty fun to play on...
  6. You're all gonna have forums holidays if you keep poisoning my thread you fools
  7. Rogue and Fixou are trying to change but it is quite hard for them
  8. New Order of Rushya The New Order of Rushya is originally a small french speaking clan that has become EU later after it's creation. It was created the 17th of October 2017. I've created this topic in order to make the clan kind of "official" (to stop the impersonation of our clan mainly as some people have in the past taken our name and trolled with it) We're recruiting people that we all like. If you want to join us, just contact any of us on Steam and your application will be discussed. Roster Authentik Cipher Fixou Galbart Hamilcar Kilian Lio Oldy Rogue Star Diplomacy People we don't kill are our friends and people we kill our ennemies.
  9. Thanks to @Bridge Troll, it is now available here: Here is the topic: He probably will still add some more things as it is, as he said, a prototype. Therefore I'm locking this topic.
  10. Pretty clear that this is not gonna be implemented due to balance and common sense.
  11. Looking at the feedback, I don't think this will be implemented. It's not hard to wait and it balances the game.
  12. I think you both said what you wanted to say, now it will just be the same but written in a different way again and again. Now you are just verbally attacking each other using an old story which has nothing do to with this complaint. I'm therefore locking this complaint until an HA solves it. @Bridge Troll @Hagaron
  13. @Bridge Troll what do you think about that ?
  14. Tommy gave you the answer needed. Locked and moved to archive.
  15. This suggestion is there since the 3rd May, I don't think it will be implemented unfortunately. Still thanks for your suggestion. Locked and moved to archive.