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  1. No, you got banned due to this complaint : @James
  2. Refunded.
  3. Well I'm playing PW for like what, 2-3 years and never got banned nor warned it is not that hard c'mon guys you can do it too
  4. Thing is, if you got banned for something you didn't do, YOU need to talk with the admin who banned you and prove you did nothing. Then he should remove your ban. However I disagree with the ban history removal.
  5. @Aybak, is you issue solved ?
  6. Wait for an answer of the admin who banned you.
  7. @Benji banned you, this is a temporary ban.
  8. Unbanned, however if you break the rules again the punishment will be harsh.
  9. Ah yeah I forgot that, tell him that I unbanned him from the website and to post here to tell me why I should unban him. Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks, So : 18:31:08 - *FACTION* Wizzard's Abbey (Serfs/Smiths Welcome!) [Stupid_Partizan] Pls Yukki KOS You asked in the faction chat to put Yukki KoS 2 minutes after he killed you. You cannot do that as it is NRR. You are using the fact that he killed you to kill him again. Therefore, you will be banned 3 days. Locked and marked as solved.
  11. You are using "he", why can't he write there himself to make sure he understands that he cannot log while fighting ?