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  1. ChubbyCat will be banned 4 days for RDM. Locked and marked as solved.
  2. I'll take that as a "no". Zino will be banned 2 days for RDM. Locked and marked as solved.
  3. You indeed had more people in the faction but they were not fighting with the Schnitzels 00:22:50 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel attacked Trail_Horren_of_Dalerin dealing 15 damage 00:22:50 - Reek_von_Schnitzel attacked Trail_Horren_of_Dalerin dealing 14 damage 00:22:50 - Reek_von_Schnitzel <img=ico_blunt> Trail_Horren_of_Dalerin 00:22:50 - Reek_von_Schnitzel killed a member of a friendly faction! 00:22:51 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel attacked Reek_von_Schnitzel dealing 14 damage 00:22:57 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel put Heraldic Mail with Tabard(ID: 180)into an inventory. 00:22:58 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel took Banded Armor(ID: 169) from an inventory. 00:22:59 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel put Kettle Hat(ID: 65)into an inventory. 00:23:00 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel took Huscarl's Helmet(ID: 70) from an inventory. 00:23:09 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel droppped Two Handed Axe(ID: 270) on the ground. 00:23:10 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel picked up Long Axe(ID: 277) from the ground. 00:23:11 - Reinhardt_von_Schnitzel mounted a Saddle Horse 00:23:16 - Squire_Dav_of_Dalerin picked up Long Axe(ID: 277) from the ground. 00:23:17 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel mounted a Sumpter Horse 00:23:22 - *LOCAL* [Reek_von_Schnitzel] HYPNO LOOT FOR US 00:23:25 - Bacon_von_Schnitzel mounted a Cart Horse 00:23:25 - *LOCAL* [Reek_von_Schnitzel] oops caps 00:23:28 - Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin picked up Knightly Sword(ID: 244) from the ground. 00:23:28 - Reek_von_Schnitzel droppped Spiked Mace(ID: 228) on the ground. 00:23:28 - Reek_von_Schnitzel picked up Banner(ID: 499) from the ground. 00:23:29 - Reek_von_Schnitzel droppped Banner(ID: 499) on the ground. 00:23:29 - Reek_von_Schnitzel picked up Spiked Mace(ID: 228) from the ground. 00:23:29 - Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin picked up Two Handed Axe(ID: 270) from the ground. 00:23:33 - *LOCAL* [Reek_von_Schnitzel] take the banner 00:23:34 - Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin picked up Shortened Military Scythe(ID: 274) from the ground. 00:23:42 - *LOCAL* [Heinrich_von_Schnitzel] rdm 00:23:43 - Squire_Dav_of_Dalerin attacked Reek_von_Schnitzel dealing 15 damage 00:23:45 - *LOCAL* [Squire_Dav_of_Dalerin] qskirm 00:23:50 - Heinrich_von_Schnitzel attacked Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin dealing 7 damage 00:23:53 - Reek_von_Schnitzel attacked Squire_Dav_of_Dalerin dealing 7 damage 00:23:56 - Bacon_von_Schnitzel attacked Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin dealing 48 damage 00:23:56 - Bacon_von_Schnitzel <img=ico_crossbow> Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin 00:23:56 - Bacon_von_Schnitzel killed a member of a friendly faction! 50 seconds passed between the last von Schnitzel being attacked and Dav attacking back Reek. Therefore I assume the skirmish was over and they just respawned and attacked them again. Since you can't give me the names I asked for I have to punish both Dav and Matoflen for NRR. Trial_Matoflen_of_Dalerin will be banned 2 days for NRR. Squire_Dav_of_Dalerin will also be banned 2 days for NRR. Locked and marked as solved.
  4. @MrOtto you did not lost 50K, are you willing to accept a lower amount as a refund ?
  5. Hello, Here are the logs : Otto did not attack Dave as far as I can see from the logs. I'll leave some more hours to @Branok to defend himself a last time.
  6. Hello, Here are the logs : ChubbyCat has 24 hours to defend himself.
  7. Hello, Here are the logs : @Tiuri you claim that some of your members did not die during this skirmish, may I have their names please ? Also the rule you quoted can only be used if the fight is still going on. From the logs it looks like it ended.
  8. Hello, Here are the logs : Tarkin did not hit the gates. @Zino you said that it was a skirmish zone, do you have a screenshot ?
  9. You need to make a complaint on Daniel, if he did indeed RDM (an admin will say if so) you'll need to make another refund request with a screenshot of the gear you lost, also link the forum complaint on your refund request. Locked.
  10. You are not banned. Locked.
  11. You killed a commoner, he had the basic commoner clothes and a sword (he could not even use it) as the rules say, you must give someone 10 seconds to comply with your demands (the only exception is the "halt"). It's not like he was a direct threath. It looks like you do not understand that so you will wait the remaining days.
  12. In Osvirklif heavy lances reward 0 gold even when low stock - Don't know if this is normal or not because I NEVER crafted but someone reported it to me so here ya go.
  13. No signature, 1v1 For Honor