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  1. Looking at the feedback, I don't think this will be implemented. It's not hard to wait and it balances the game.
  2. I think you both said what you wanted to say, now it will just be the same but written in a different way again and again. Now you are just verbally attacking each other using an old story which has nothing do to with this complaint. I'm therefore locking this complaint until an HA solves it. @Bridge Troll @Hagaron
  3. @Bridge Troll what do you think about that ?
  4. Tommy gave you the answer needed. Locked and moved to archive.
  5. This suggestion is there since the 3rd May, I don't think it will be implemented unfortunately. Still thanks for your suggestion. Locked and moved to archive.
  6. Bridge gave you your answer. Locked and moved to archive.
  7. I think ali made enough shit posts on this forum already ;c Booooom, erased in 1 second. We won't see him again anytime soon I think. Locked.
  8. @Aurion is your issue solved ?
  9. Moved to support and locked since the issue is solved.
  10. Thank you Mrxenon, if Zaira's problem is really not fixed then he will make another thread but he is just saying "No" to bother me because we had different opinion in the past. Locked.
  11. New system is up. Moved.
  12. @Zaira is your issue solved ?
  13. Looks like Bridge's explanation answered your question. Moved.
  14. Well I'm playing PW for like what, 2-3 years and never got banned nor warned it is not that hard c'mon guys you can do it too
  15. Thing is, if you got banned for something you didn't do, YOU need to talk with the admin who banned you and prove you did nothing. Then he should remove your ban. However I disagree with the ban history removal.