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  1. In all seriousness though, can we stop slowly turning this mod into mercs?
  2. can we do the same for serfing im lazy too!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Omfg this is like watching to downy midgets running at each other
  4. For any ex Lorraines that are lost without your clan <3
  5. Carry on this is a better soap than Hollyoaks
  6. Oh dear it's some disbanded Lorraine trying to be funny
  7. dont give it away you fat twat
  9. The whole idea of balance was brought in by fashion conscious individuals like Morris, who cried every time he lost because obviously it wasn't his clan that was dogshit. I'm perfectly happy with imbalanced castles, you should have to fight to get the best reasources. If anyone gives u shit dek i will finger them 4 u x
  10. How is it going in your village?

  11. No it was mine
  12. You misspelled cheap kill reasons there.
  13. Are you retarded too?
  14. Is this a joke or were you parents related?
  15. C'mon Ted send us some pics xoxoxo