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  1. i feel personally attacked thanks babe loving the fresh shave btw xxxx
  2. i am pretty and gay tbh
  3. couldn’t give a fuck, im having beans on toast
  4. You will burn in my hell and be given the body of a hairy Arab in the afterlife

    1. Rowan


      sounds good I'll wax

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  6. fucking memed by issac brb chugging bleech
  7. When you've been removed so many times I suppose it's fun to do for a laugh xdxdxdxd
  8. I've been promised by @William that we're going to talk this out in TS, so please, ermmmm don't? As much as I love you and all x
  9. I'm having macaroni cheese on pizza, I'll be fine now xoxo
  10. Can I also ask my logs are posted between the following times: 16:32 to 16:34
  11. No, you keep misunderstanding what I'm saying. You seem to think that because I was killed by Srensesn, 30 seconds after hostilities that means that I was in the skirmish? Or that one was still going on? Despite the fact that I wasn't there. I showed up to vorn, after the raid had ended and was killed by Srensesn in guard tower, with no one else around. You keep going on about how logs show where I was. They don't. I'm sorry but in complaints you need evidence to back up what is being reported or validate claims, you bring up logs to show the timings of skirmishes and the timings of people killing Sren, is not definitive evidence. This is retarded. Let's go through the logs you posted, and I'll pretend to be the admin for a second. The skirmish allegedly started at 16:32:40 for sake of argument, I would go on to show the fighting, however, the logs haven't been posted. During this I was not in Vorn. 16:32:38 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Chinkilla_Lannister] ci halt 16:32:40 - *LOCAL* [Lord_Stannis_Lannister] CI HALT 16:32:45 - *LOCAL* [Ftm_Chinkilla_Lannister] lorraine halt 16:33:24 - *LOCAL* [Maester_Otto_Lannister] CI halt The skirmish must of ended at 16:34:24 as there are not other kills that you posted on that complaint. During this I was not in Vorn 16:34:24 - Lord_Sandor_Lannister <img=ico_headshot> CI_Doctor_Papa I was then killed with no prior fighting from myself or Srensen at 16:35:02, despite the fact that you think the following: "I say he was at the wrong place in the wrong time which got him killed." Here I was killed in the Guard Tower, away from the rest of the group, upon just entering Vorn. 16:35:02 - Levy_Srensen_Lorraine attacked Ser_Rowan_Lannister dealing 0 damage 16:35:03 - Levy_Srensen_Lorraine attacked Ser_Rowan_Lannister dealing 35 damage 16:35:06 - Levy_Srensen_Lorraine attacked Ser_Rowan_Lannister dealing 23 damage 16:35:10 - Levy_Srensen_Lorraine attacked Ser_Rowan_Lannister dealing 24 damage 16:35:10 - Levy_Srensen_Lorraine <img=ico_axeone> Ser_Rowan_Lannister And I know that Sren was not even in the fucking skirmish because someone just handed me this screenshot He fucked off to the armoury, to store his gear. He didn't even fight. - I know he didn't fight because when he RDMd me, he had a lance and a shield, with no armour. You're talking such bollocks, please link me in these alleged complaints were you think that Lannisters have been let off the hook. Also name me in some because that's not me at all. And even if you held those opinions why would you suddenly go off longstanding precedents from the server? You've misquoted me, I'm beginning to think you're just being flat out biased here, look at my original complaint and find that sentence I put: I'm so fucked off with the way this has been handled, this is the most convoluted way to get someone off the hook for a flat out absent minded random I've ever seen. I'm going to try and get you, William, and myself in TS to talk this over, this has just been a shambles.
  12. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: Rowan The admin(s) you are reporting also include whether they are forum staff, Game Admin or a Head Admin: GA Hans Von Sack The time and date of the incident (in GMT+0, anything else will be ignored completely): 11:19 - 05/10/17 What you claim the admin has done: Wrong decision - Stating that I need to provide evidence for someone elses kill reason The full story: I won't describe the complaint as that's linked below, instead I will breakdown why Hans' decision is wrong, and the steps I took to resolve this without making a complaint. "You were going inside Vorn shortly before or after (sorry I don't get your text completly)" - Didn't understand the story, but still decided to issue a ruling without affirming the information that he was unsure on. "It was pretty obvious that it was a raiding gang and if you travel with them it's just logical that you get involved." - I wouldn't of made this complaint if I was with them when they halted people, then I would of been fair game. The entire point of this complaint is that I wasn't there. "you gotta show me that horse/teleport which granted you all being together while and after the kill." - This is fucking absurd, that I have to show evidence, that I wasn't there. There is even a rule regarding this: According to the rules I have to supply no evidence, whatsoever. It should of been Srensen. I also tried to speak to Hans on TS, however, he decided to not come on, thus I'm making this complaint. The handling of this complaint has been a shambles. I wasn't at the scene of the skirmish/raid, and yet I'm still fair game. Even after it's ended, and there is not hostilities. Then I'm told I have to provide evidence that I wasn't there? Despite that in the rules it says that my attacker should show evidence. I'm all for nuanced ways of handling complaints but this just flies in the face of any sort of precedent, any form of structure, and any form of coherent logical thought. I've never been this fucked off with an admin before, hence my instance that this decision is revoked. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation (any and all screenshots or video footage for example):
  13. Found the reason for the retarded decision