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  1. Dealing with any clan related issues as an admin
  2. Re read the griefing section of the rules
  3. Remove walls ok?
  4. Alright, I'm only interested in the RDM here. As I'm feeling nice today I'll unban you so you have the weekend on our server, but in future take screenshots of people aiming at you. Get shadowplay if you can. Give the server up to an hour to lift your ban. Accepted and locked.
  5. Cheers Aemon. So, explain the complaint to me.
  6. Well fuck may as well kms
  7. I bet you're the sort of person who won't vaccinate their kids
  8. This mod has been stagnant for years. Lets fucking rock the boat for once.
  9. I appreciate that you might want to vent frustration at clans for how they have been conducting themselves on this map, but this thread's purpose is to give feedback on the map, not to air dirty washing. Any mention of clan activity on this thread will be removed and warning points handed out.
  10. @Dekkers I've seen on some maps it's different costs for training a certain class, can you change the stats or nah?
  11. IMO if you just take away the inner doors and add another ladder point, Saltklippen will be sik
  12. listen here fucko