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  1. Right now?
  2. You cared enough to comment, ya wee cunt.
  3. That's been sped up
  4. It rounded down to 10. If you ask someone to drop 1 gold and they drop all of their gold, then you still cannot kill them.
  5. Looks to be a skirm zone. I'll offer 20k refund.
  6. We are the navyseals and we do what we want! Ardy Emma is already on his way!!
  7. bad fighter
  8. Mi'Lord ban him
  9. "skirmish" haha classic You may want to remove that guys post aswel ^^ It shows his pin.
  10. I have been playing for like 5 years and idk how to even get auto block. LINK PLEASE???
  11. Water from ice.
  12. Page 1 of 12, ain't nobody got time for that.