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  1. Gregor already agreed to refund up to 60k (read the first posts).
  2. He said, don't chase Arno if you know yourself that it's illegal.
  3. "I just got the game expecting to have fun in this world, but guess not, just children." day as been made
  4. For the greater good. You will have to be sacraficed Simon.
  5. I have proof but was unable to upload it yesterday due to me spending a while fixing my pc. I'll upload it today.
  6. I got a recording but i'm no where near the castle lol. Just take 40k from bohl and 40k from the other guy.
  7. I'll have a look when i get home. Pretty sure I do.
  8. Except that redking chased him across the map.
  9. May have a recording of this. I'll check once i am home. Be about 6 ish BST.
  10. How can i hold a grudge when you have done nothing wrong to me nor do i know you? The fact is, you can't understand a simple rule even after multiple people tried to explain it to you. You then decide to say and i quote " Just close it! trying to get a Lorraine punished for breaking the rules is like trying to get a brick wall to talk, too many lorraine interuptions/support and too many badmins with ties to clans. " https://gyazo.com/ff8491c4673584081f50180b93cc6a5c You seem to think you are completely right and everything you say comes straight from god. If you can't comprehend simples rules, then how do you expect to enforce them? Also yes, i am triggered by your stupidity...
  11. Read this if you can be bothered and well, i'm sure you know what to do from there. Although it would be funny to see how many admin complaints he could rack up.
  12. Retired staff don't have to make a re-app lel
  13. I have seen so many complaints being made in the wrong area and they have to be moved back and forth by the admins. I suggest you put a big EU and NA in the area i circled below (Possibly in red) http://imgur.com/a/m1siM
  14. Bawo was in his faction thus granting pyrosz kos on you.