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  1. You are allowed to kill someone that is in a war if you have a kill reason on him, even if he is fighting 30 men. 1. Hans shouldn't be dealing with his own complaint, as it seems he acted on his anger " What annoyed me the most is that you did not just lance me but stood next to me watching me " 2. Hans is wrong, the example he gave is hypothetical and if it did happen, they would not be able to start a skirmish if only 1 guy attacked by accident but yes, they can still kill that man. Nor did Hans rdm either as you were in a war-zone.
  2. ye cos taking the piss is worthy of banning. The more people playing pw the better, especially if your going to be banning people over something as pathetic as this. Lets hope it was at least a temp.
  3. Have they even played?
  4. Your leader has arrived. Heil Gordin!
  5. Woop woop up the frankia
  6. I was wondering why you were just walking around looking one way haha. Since it is a glitch, make an unban appeal and link this thread, I'm okay with you getting unbanned straight away. Just so you know, if that glitch happens again. Press L and it fixes it.
  7. Rip every other team.
  8. This happens to me everytime i log on. Didn't know relogging could fix this all that wasted time.
  9. What a lovely house you have.
  10. Prove ffs not proof lol
  11. Re-watch the video. As you can see the video starts with this and then there is a cut or maybe lag. 17:36:55 - *LOCAL* [CI_Ser_Pedro] HALT GREYJOYS .After the cut you see this strait away. 17:37:06 - *LOCAL* [CI_Caballero_Balian*] U ARENT Thus it took him 11 seconds to come to a halt.
  12. You are not allowed to demand someone to dismount as shown by the complaint below. I myself believe it should be allowed as it allows you to halt that person better as he cannot just turn and escape easily. If someone were to steal the horse while in the halting situation then you must either refund him the horse or get banned.
  13. Nothing can make you look good pal.
  14. Stop ruining names u twit
  15. "After you cap a castle you should be able to take the remaining enemies as prisoners if they drop their weapons." There would be no one left, only nakeds which would 100% rather die than serf. Even if you surrender, what are the chances of them letting u live if you have armour haha.