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  1. When you ask for feedback but all you get is clans flaming each other haha, Welcome to pw :)
  2. Should they have to tho...
  3. The fact that this guy Is the SO is a joke in itself.
  4. I cured your blindness, you are welcome. - Jesus
  5. That's not going to help He is blind.
  6. Man you clearly took this too far, You seem very angry for some reason. 1. Rabadox (One of your own members) is asking for help from Tommy. 2. He respawns before your very own eyes and only admins can do that, you would have to be brain dead not to know hes an admin. 3. baiting for ban reasons? lol 4. Isn't there something were SA and above can go undercover in admin mode?? Edit: " I think he was trying to bait some of my less-experienced members to kill him before a full 5-seconds was given. (The time needed before you can kill someone if they arent leaving) " Just so you know, it's 10 seconds for someone to leave not 5.
  7. Did you just confess? Admins ban this man!!
  8. Talking like a banmonger aye
  9. You want to come over to kronus mate? i heard it's a good server. Anyhow, ima devouch since the "class glitching" ban was the one i made on you and it was mass class glitching. Decent app tho.
  10. Vouch, has band of brothers in his signature.
  11. Admins for some reason don't see lying to get someone banned as ban mongering... got a warning for lying. Not even a warning 1 week for rdm/illegal help and lying. He would of got the week ban anyway considering it was his third offence. ik this is my report, but people lie to often ye. And that's just the liees that were made in the past like 2 weeks, just on me... why is l.i.e.s made into alternative facts??
  12. pretty sure it's in some single player mods, can't recall the name though.
  13. Ye like it just stays were you died.
  14. You phrased it as in you were justifying the rule change Dicked
  15. It isn't exactly out of hand is it boyo. @takethefunoutofeverything