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  1. RIP
  2. Remove tp doors
  3. Good luck :)
  4. Do a video?
  5. You can limit it to like 1 every minute or so.
  6. Feature Name: N/A Detailed description of your suggested feature: the titles says it all really. Don't add all of them though as saying incoming siege tower is abit useless but the incoming cavalry/infantry from behind could be quite useful when in a siege and only leaders can talk on ts. Plus the sorry when you team hit so you don't need to type. I'm not sure if they are copyrighted or free to use though.
  7. Fuck off, he ain't your personal slave. Next time send him a pm via the forums.
  8. Slappy ballsack xd wtf is that insult. Just so you know, saying heal isn't a demand, it's only a demand if you say heal or die.
  9. Like crpg? Ye I wouldn't add them or defending a castle would be a pain in the arse as pw doesn't have the flag system that crpg has. Like others have said, the hammering system isn't exactly the best although it would add realism but it's a game not real life. Some of these new games just flop straight away cos they don't see that. Maybe add coal n other resources so serfs can do other stuff.
  10. Aint nobody got time for that.
  11. But I'm not sorry :) How do you like dem apples!!
  12. Make boars cheaper. It would be funny to see a full army charging on boars n that. Plus it's meant to be an item you can troll/have fun on but 200k for something that you can't even remount is abit shit. Deers should be same price tho as they are op.
  13. Where does one join this fine establishment?
  14. 5 4 1 3 6 2