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  1. I left warband for a month, I'm currently working on another map
  2. I dont really know if u understand that if Im not fighting you dont have any kr on me
  3. the important thing is the amount of time u had to know we were at peace
  4. oh yeah it shows how many time was, thanks again for irrelevant shit
  5. -I didnt fuck up anything, I just dont like gaggle of glue sniffers in my post making this a report of 30 replies instead of 5 -Kawaii was leadership in that moment, he saw all what happened -With the logs you can see the time between the peace and my death, you can also see if there was any hostility between Baratheons and us (Do you need more to resolve an RDM complaint?) Also you are just saying that I can couch all the ppl with plates because the server is going to be wiped in 2 days GOOD As I said, can you fuck off as you aren't involved and you are resolving nothing?
  6. I dont know who the fuck are you, I didnt call filipo's girlfriend, I didnt have any hostility maybe because he was only couching like a cunt and both sides weren't fighting (Baratheons can confirm it lmao). If you arent involved and you are just repeating what I say and saying shit just fucking leave
  7. It was a friendly war between baratheons and HRE not with 2 plebs couching (I dont know if this is important but I think so), I dont really know how many time did u have to see we peaced but I think it was enough because you didnt have any hostility with me before. Just lets wait for logs
  8. when someone tell u to leave, u have to leave the land, you just went to a farm where you cant leave the land instead of leave towards the bloody gate
  9. Your in-game name at the time of the incident: HRE_Lord_Roderick, HRE_Squire_Abenezer The person(s) you are reporting: TilkoLetsBFriends The time and date of the incident: 19:50 - 24/10/2018 What you are reporting them for: RDM (Random Death Match) The full story: We were having a fieldbattle with Baratheons, after win the war and peace it, I was looting to tell my guys there were plates to loot and suddenly Filipo couched me without having any hostilities with him before the peace. Then Abenezer took my plate as my death was illegal but this guy killed him too. Proof, and/or anything that will help the investigation: only ss showing that I had plate logs will be enough Would you accept a refund from the accused player? If so specify the amount: Yes, 100000 Gold
  10. Yes, as I said it is got's map size
  11. i mean, it isnt still my problem I want my money!!!!!!!
  12. good? think i will put rivers, trees and all this shit see player's size
  13. Hahaha thank you, i didnt understand it yet
  14. With the new update I fucked my map archive, I will redo it with all your opinions. Also, im not going to make any island because i will have the same size problem and the gold will be in the south of Toledo
  15. Ofc lol? I mean the castle I made is fucking gigantic and the terrain is not done